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4 Tips For Moving Valuable Items

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Everyone assigns value in different ways. Value can be attributed to an expensive item, an original work of art or something that holds sentimental value. As we have had plenty of experience with eastern suburbs removals, we know these valuable items often take the form of antiques. Furniture removals eastern suburbs often involve moving large antique furniture items that require special care to be taken.

On our end, this requires us to have the correct packaging supplies, well trained packers and movers, and knowledge and experience that allows us to know how to safely transport these tricky items.

Here are some tips for things you can do to make sure your valuable items are moved safely:

Make sure your items are insured. Whether you get your own insurance or use your removalists, it’s important to have your items insured for transit. Even if an item is packed to perfection, accidents can happen on the road at any time, at no fault of your own or your removalist. We have public liability and transit insurance included in our hourly rate, so you don’t have to pay anything extra. However, items are only covered if we have wrapped them to our professional standards.

Make sure your items are wrapped. We wrap everything! It’s part of our company policy and our insurance policy that we wrap all of your items. Sometimes customers ask us not to wrap items because they think it adds time to their move. It takes a matter of seconds for our removalists to professionally wrap your items so they will stay safe and insured. If we don’t wrap it we can’t insure it and you will save way more money paying for 30 seconds of wrapping than paying to replace your antique furniture.

Make sure to bring items to the attention of the removalists. Identify valuable and fragile items to your removalists at the time of your booking and when they arrive for the job. Make sure items are clearly labeled as being fragile. Over emphasizing an item’s importance will ensure it is moved with the utmost care. Identifying the items at the time of booking will also allow us to gather any specific packaging materials we might need to bring.

Consider hiring a specialist. Certain valuable items like artwork and pianos require removalists with specific expertise and equipment. When moving these types of items it’s often worth spending the money to do it right. When you book with us we can recommend specialists we’ve worked with before.
If you are worried about your valuable items, just remember to take as many precautions as you can. Whether you’re looking for removalists in Brighton or Toorak, you don’t want to put a price or a time limit on the items that make your house a home.

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