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Hiring Movers For A Single Item – How To Identify A Good Removalist

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One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a removalist in Melbourne for just one item is not planning properly. Move on Removalists have complied a list of things you should keep in mind when moving a single item, whether it’s big or small.

Identify Whether A Removalist in Melbourne, Australia Moves A Single Item

Interstate or local moves prove tough, especially when moving your whole home or office. However, that is not to say that moving a single item is any easier.
Usually when moving inter-city or inter-neighbourhood, local removalists don’t move small or single items. Removalists in Melbourne, Australia usually use large trucks to transport your stuff.
This means that moving a single item across Melbourne, Australia isn’t feasible for them, be it household items or small commercial equipment across country or state. If, however, they do undertake your project, removalists or private trucks usually add a few pick-up stops along the way.
Sometimes this can end up costing a lot more than if you’re moving your whole home or office.
To tackle such high prices and inconveniences, call reputable movers beforehand to ask if they move single items and how much it costs. Don’t forget to include any details you might think are necessary.

Why Removalists In Melbourne Don’t Move A Small Amount

In any business, the most important factor is profitability. Charging per item or distance-wise doesn’t just help removalists cover the cost of transport but also the labour’s salary. When moving a single item, the profitability ratio goes well below breakeven.
This is especially the case in the summer season and during peak season.
As for independent truckers, they are usually booked months in advance, giving them little to no room on their rigs.
We recommend postponing your move as much as possible from the summer season towards the winter season, where demand for movers is relatively scarce.

Sometimes It Depends on What You’re Moving

A single item can mean a lot of things; from a small computer table or a chair all the way to a diesel generator or manufacturing plant. Residential customers are often looking to move a single piece of furniture such as a bed, dressing table, etc, or a large appliance such as oven, a big screen LED, piano, etc.
Hiring a removalist can prove cost-effective if your item needs specialized equipment and services, such as large appliances and pianos. Depending on what it is you’re moving, you can call removalists in Melbourne, Australia to identify whether they move such an item and whether or not they have specialized equipment. You’d be surprised at how effective a single phone call can be in helping identify a good removalist in Melbourne, Australia!
Each removalist is different, be it in terms of equipment, staff, pricing, or the overall fleet. A simple phone call can mark the difference between an average, good, or excellent removalist experience!

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