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How many moving boxes do you need?

How many moving boxes do you need 1 1


So if I multiply the number of rooms by the number of people and divide by 4 and carry the 1….

Underestimating the amount of stuff you have to move is an incredibly common mistake we all make when moving. We like to think we’re organised and we know we’re not hoarders so surely we couldn’t have that much stuff. But the truth is we do have a lot of stuff, and that doesn’t mean you’re a pack rat or that your house isn’t perfectly organised, it just means that you’re a person with a life and a home.

We accumulate stuff every day in a variety of ways. There are also a lot of variables to consider such as the number of rooms in your house, the number of people living there, lifestyles ranging from minimalists to hoarders, how full storage areas such as pantries, closets and garages are, whether you have hobbies or collections that require special packing, and how long it’s been since your last move.

So now that we’ve accepted that we’re going to have a lot to move, the next step is figuring out how many boxes it will all fit into. Honestly, this estimation will never be 100% accurate. It’s hard to look at your stuff and visualize it in boxes. Then there are all different sizes and bubble wrap and butcher’s paper and packing tape. It just goes on and on.

One way to make this process easier for yourself is to get packaging supplies from your removalists. This option has a variety of benefits that work towards making your move cheaper and more efficient.

Correctly estimating the contents of your house and the number of boxes you’ll end up having not only benefits you but also your removalist as it gives us a better idea of what size truck you’ll need and how long the job will take. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, underestimating a move will only cause you problems and cost you money as your removalists will have to scramble to try to get it all done. When you get packaging materials from your removalists, they can help you estimate how many boxes you’ll need and what kind of boxes you’ll need. We also buy back any unused boxes, so you can safely overestimate rather than be stuck at the last minute throwing things in trash bags.

Lastly, buying boxes from your removalists is often cheaper than other options because we offer packages that will save you money. Bunnings doesn’t offer a discount for buying all of your moving materials from them, but we do!


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