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How much do you need to save for your big move?

how much to save for your move


Buying your new house in Brighton isn’t the only cost you need to plan and save for. There are a million other little things you have to remember to work in to your moving budget. A common mistake people make is to plan for the cost of their new home and then get blindsided when little things like the cost of building inspections, internet connection and eastern suburbs removals team start adding up. You can think about these costs as being in three phases: buying your home, moving into your home and setting up your new home.

The first area you should think about, and probably have already considered, is the costs associated with buying your new home. There is the cost of the property itself, which will obviously be the biggest lump sum. However, there are also the additional fees for stamp duties, legal services, building inspections, loan applications and lenders mortgage insurance. This is all very confusing, but they are probably the costs you are most prepared for. However, the costs associated with the sale are just the beginning.

The next area you should plan for are the costs associated with moving into your new home. Moving to Brighton will involve hiring a cleaning service, buying or renting moving boxes and packaging supplies and hiring a Brighton removals company. This is where a lot of people end up panicking about the fees they’re racking up, but you really don’t want to try go cheap when it comes to hiring your removalists in Brighton because you want this to go smoothly and you definitely do not want your things broken. The cost of a good removalist is something people tend to underestimate, but it is always worth it.

Finally, you’ll be sure to have a few costs involved with setting up your new home. There is generally a fee for your internet to be set up. You may have to deal with unexpected electric, gas or plumbing problems. You will probably have to take at least a day off of work to move which is a cost to you. Even if you are using paid vacation days, those are days you could be spending actually on a vacation. There are also small things that people often throw out when they move that need to be replaced, such as old worn linens, an old microwave and refrigerator staples.

While you may feel overwhelmed thinking about all these costs, the benefits will definitely be worth it! You’ll love living in Brighton. There’s so much to do, lots of outdoor areas (including the beach!), restaurants and cafes, and great shopping. Leave moving to your removalists Brighton will be your home in no time!

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