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Move On Removals provides moving services in Melbourne and Victoria that are second to none. When moving home in Melbourne, or moving to Melbourne, you want professional removalists and the best that Melbourne has to offer.

We offer you our range of products from home moving, but also commercial removalists. We can provide you with everything from a removalist quote, moving boxes, packing and unpacking, furniture storage, furniture removal, commercial removalists and a friendly helpful professional staff from enquiry to home relocation.

Pick up the phone, call us today, and talk to our professional Customer Service Team. Trained to provide you with the most efficient means of moving services in Melbourne. The journey of your professional removalist Melbourne experience starts here. A removalists quote for Melbourner can be provided to you over the phone and backed up with a written email quote, our guarantee to you and to the best removalists in Melbourne providing you with an experience that makes your removals in Melbourne easy.

Our team of professional movers will arrive on the day ready to move you to and within Melbourne. Their assessment after they arrive ensures that it is done efficiently, by the best removalists in Melbourne.

What are you waiting for? Call us, we are not just house movers but the Home Removalists Melbourne team to trust!


We provide the best removalists in Melbourne to ensure your move is as seamless as possible, but alleviating all the challenges that come with home moving in Melbourne.

We talk you through the quotation process, and while it may seem that we are asking a lot of questions, that means that your move is done with only professional removalists in Melbourne.

Obtaining the list contents to be moved, means we can send out the truck suited to your needs, and the team of best movers in Melbourne to suit the job.

We can also determine if you need help with the packing, unpacking, moving boxes, or just furniture removals.

We offer both house removalists in Melbourne, as well as commercial removalists.

When the team arrives, it is important they know where the best place to park the truck is. Accessibility is a major part of this. The easiest access point for the moving team means the most efficiency in getting the move done. We will even ask you about stairs and driveways!

Whether it is house removalists in Melbourne, or within Victoria – perhaps even a commercial move in Melbourne; you need to have confidence that the best movers are on the job.

Our team will assess on site on arrival, wrap and pack your items to maximise care of them and make it a Melbourne home move not just a house move.

The time taken to do these things will ensure that your goods are taken care of by our Professional Movers in Melbourne, not just some random guys in a truck!

The team is the best removalists in Melbourne in terms of training and the support you will receive. But even we can’t prevent things like weather and traffic! We will try and minimise the traffic conditions by arriving as early in the morning as we can, taking the best route to your new Melbourne home in our GPS tracker vehicles, and moving efficiently yet carefully.

How can you help? Be as prepared as you can on the day of the move, arrange to have smaller children stay with family or friends where possible, be aware that Mother Nature and Melbourne traffic will play some part in all moves, know where our team can park both in the pick up and at the drop off, let us know if you have multiple stops; and most importantly, let us know what it is we are moving for you to ensure the best truck is sent out.

We are your Home Movers in Melbourne, and look forward to working as part of YOUR relocation service.

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