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    Moving home in Melbourne Region checklist

    If you are Moving home in Melbourne, Hire Move On Removals for best and affordable moving and packing services.

    • Confirm the date of your move
    • Give Written notice to your landlord (if you’re renting)
    • Contact your utility suppliers-Power, gas, water, Internet
    • Get quotes on your removal costs
    • Make a list of where everything is going to go in your new home
    • Pack everything and label boxes
    • Get all the essential for moving day

      You need essentials for the 1st night in your new place, so you should pack a box or two with the following things:

    • Kettle, mugs, tea, milk, coffee, sugar
    • Cleaning products, plus vacuum cleaner and bin bags
    • Phone and laptop chargers
    • Toilet roll, paper towel for kitchen
    • Doona and bedding for the first night
    • Temporary furniture – deck chairs etc.
    • Television or radio

    We make moving easy.
    We are available for 24/7 to fulfil your requirements.
    For Bookings call (03) 9636 3299 or submit a query to get a free call.

    We can quickly and easily move those heavy items and save you the headache. We will also help to troubleshoot any issues that come up related to placing big pieces of furniture inside of your new residence.
    ✔️Furniture Disassembling
    ✔️Furniture Reassembling
    ✔️Loading & Unloading

    Important COVID-19 Update and How It Effects Your Move

    Are you dreading the thought of moving houses or offices? Look no further! We can take the stress out of it all for you and your family.  Everyone these days relies on the internet to find out about a company.  If you look us up you will see that we pride ourselves on being a premium packing and removalists company.  Our friendly and dedicated staff can do it all for you.  No move is too big or too small.  We can move a single item for you or move your 5 bedroom home. 

    We are here to help relieve all the stress as much as possible.  It all starts with the first point  of contact which is our friendly and understanding customer service team.  Our house and office removalists and packing team are not only experienced within our company, they are also fully compliant with the health and safety regulations in place during this time.  As we are part of the Transport and Logistics sector, we are an essential service so we can continue to provide packing and moving services.

    We have comprehensive packing services. We will safely and securely wrap all your delicate belongings in our  paper wrap and bubble wrap and box and label your belongings from room to room with our highly qualified and experienced packing staff. Our qualified team can provide you with a quote on the cost of your packing requirements, which is completely dependent on the size of your move.  Our team of packers in Melbourne provide the best care and high attention to detail for your belongings and all our packing materials are brand new and onboard before arriving at your property with our premium packers.  Once the packing is complete they will only charge you for the time taken to pack and for the packing materials that they use.  Or if you’re looking at cutting costs then you can purchase your own packing materials and our team can use them for you.

    Once the packing service is complete.  We will send in our premium house removalists team.  Our guys are not subcontracted.  They are fully trained and employed by our company and they have a strong dedication to our company and pride themselves on being premium removalists.  Our removal team will come in and safely shrink wrap all your belongings to protect them during transit.  Then they will load up all your boxed belongings and furniture.  Then it will be safely transported to your new home. 

    Moving house or office is definitely a stressful time especially during this pandemic, rest assured we are here to help.

    Important COVID-19 Update and How It Effects Your Move

    At Move On Removals, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our valued customers and staff.
    These measures include:

    *  All customers must maintain the distance of 1.5m or more, and wear a mask and where possible gloves.

    * Only one person per household to be on site during the move.

    * If you or anybody in your household suspects they have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone that has tested positive, you are obligated to inform us. You must also inform us if you have been on a cruise or overseas in the last 14 days.

    * Maintaining safe hygiene practices such as hand washing
    * Safe distancing
    * Taking the temperature of staff before and after they start their shifts
    * Sanitising our trucks daily
    * Wiping down surfaces
    * We have NEVER used sub contractors, so we know our staff 
    You can help us to Stop The Spread by maintaining safe distance from the movers, minimising the number of persons in the house during the move, and wiping down any surfaces in your home that you are able to safely.
    We want everyone to remain safe in these troubling times, and wish you all continued health.

    Tips to Make Your Move Faster and Secure

    For some people, a DIY move can be an affordable option. It is not true because moving from one place to another is a difficult job. You have to arrange lots of tools to move heavy furniture. In this situation, professional removalists Melbourne may prove helpful. You can hire them to handle moving work.

    Professional moving services can decrease your moving stress and allow a worry-free relocation. It may be challenging to find the best mover in the market. For your convenience, here are some tips for choosing the best relocation company.

    Choose a Mover in Your Territory

    An online search will give you access to a long list of the best Removalists Melbourne. You have to shortlist top five or top ten movers. Get started with a background search on potential vendors. Fortunately, you can easily track record of local relocation companies. Sometimes, friends and Yellow Pages may help you to filter a few local movers.

    Small Scale Removals

    Large scale movers may have an excellent reputation in the market. Several people may choose them because of their excellent reputation. There are some disadvantages to large scale relocation companies. You have to consider these elements before making a decision.

    • Large-scale removalists offer expensive services as compared to small scale removalists.
    • They may add some surprising extra charges.
    • Large-scale movers need extra time to deliver your belongings.

    Typically, large-scale movers use their huge trucks to transport all the items as soon as possible. For this reason, they wait for the availability of their huge trucks. If you need quick deliveries, they may charge high rates. In this situation, small movers may be a good option. Moreover, you can check the feedback of customers about a moving company.

    Don’t Run After Cheap Services

    You must not rely on cheap moving services to save money. Try to find affordable House Removalists Melbourne. Avoid compromising the safety of valuables to save some dollars. Remember, cheap moving companies may give some unpleasant surprises. These surprises may be costly than your imaginations.

    Avoid Relying on Rough Estimates

    A few removalists offer a rough estimate or verbal estimates. You should not rely on guesswork or verbal estimates. It is essential to get a comprehensive quotation without hidden charges. It may be in a written form. Furthermore, sign a contract to make your moving process easy and stress-free.

    As a client, you should not reveal your budget in advance. Professional moving companies must offer their estimate. They will not ask your budget but work on your budget. Nowadays, you will get insurance for necessary items. An insurance plan will save your valuables from possible risks.

    The professional removalists Melbourne can prepare a moving plan according to your budget. To make things easy, obtain quotations from different companies. After the comparison, you will be able to choose the best removalist. It is an easy way to save time and money.

    Move On Removals – Commercial Removalists

    Move on Removals is an Australian moving company established in the year 2012. It started out as a small furniture removal company, only to get bigger in times to come with addition of modern trucks to its fleet of trucks, alongside a carefully selected and trained crew. Today, after moving close to 1200 + houses, Move on Removals is listed among the best moving companies in Melbourne.

    It is the only removals company in Melbourne that provides a one-stop solution for all your moving needs, from pack and wrap services to storage facilities, alongside house or office moves. We also do on-site assessments to avoid the last minute confusion so that both your belongings and your valuables are placed and moved in order. We train the removalists to care and place your needs before anything else, as house/office moving is a serious business to us and every little detail is taken into account.

    We are a set of commercial removalists, based in Melbourne, who are known to be both attentive and protective of our image, which we have built with immense hard-work, sincerity and dedication over the years. At Move On Removals, we feel proud to have an existing and loyal clientele, who have believed in our vision and helped us grow continuously. Each employee at Move on Removals are trained to perform at their best, serving our clients to their optimum level of satisfaction. Our removalists are not strong and organised, but they are also attentive to details as per the client requirements, as each house or office move have their own needs and demands.

    Move on Removals is both cost and time effective as it is a concern for most of the people. We believe in charging the right prices for the right work and all our activities are directed towards achieving this objective in the set deadline hours, which we calculate during the onsite assessment. To get your free quote, call us today.

    Identify Quality Movers Tips to Invest in the Best Moving Services

    With millions of moving companies in Australia, it can be challenging to choose the best movers Melbourne. Hiring quality movers are necessary to avoid shoddy practices and scams. A professional team of Move on Removals can help you in packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. If you want to select the best team of your area, here are some tips for identifying quality movers:

    Start with Moving Inventory

    The top moving company will prepare the inventory of your belongings and determine the weight and bulk of move. They are responsible for preparing an in-depth estimator after checking your storage spaces, such as bookcases, garages, drawers, and cupboards. A major component of the price of a mover is based on the total weight of your items and the space required by your goods in a truck. The top removals Melbourne can prepare an accurate estimate for you.

    In-depth Walk-through

    A professional estimator can prepare an in-depth walk-through without affecting your relocation plan. He will ask essential questions about your moving plan from your present house to a new location. You have to share the details of goods with your estimator that you are planning to sell on an online platform or in a yard sale. You can donate your excessive items in charity or plan a giveaway.

    Avoid Payment of Large Deposit

    Packers and movers Melbourne won’t demand a hefty deposit or cash before moving. You must make payment upon delivery. By paying in advance, you can’t have control over your belongings and movers. Use your credit card for payment for your protection from fraudulent activities.

    Avoid Movers with Different names

    A few companies work under different names to avoid BBB (Better Business Bureau). Before choosing a furniture removalists Melbourne, you have to ensure that the company has a website, local addresses and details of insurance and licensing. Their employees must answer your phone calls with the full business name.
    You have to find out if your selected mover has other business names. Check their federal and state license numbers. With an online search, you can find complaints about a removalist. Try to find out the history of your selected company. It will help you to avoid potential frauds and scams.

    Use References

    If family and friends don’t have recommendations, you should get a list of dependable movers from movers association of your state. You have a right to ask for references from your mover. Ask for a list of 3 to 4 customers from your region who have used their services three months ago. Call those clients and ask some questions to know their experiences.

    Prevent Packing Costs

    If you are packing your possessions yourself, the movers are not responsible for any damage to the products. Ask your movers to do packing and pay inflated rates for packing materials and boxes. Before hiring the movers and packers, ask about the experience of packers. By hiring the best movers Melbourne, you can avoid the chances of damage because movers can work carefully.


    “Since 2012, MOVE ON REMOVALS has relocated and provided its loyal and happy customers with the very best in Packing, Moving and Storage services as well as the most competitive fully insured, GST inclusive rates and second to none customer service.

    Offering a range of truck sizes and packing materials, flexibility and door to door rates, MOVE ON REMOVALS is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your moving needs, and proudly maintains a strong arsenal of proficiently trained drivers, wrappers and movers with many years of experience to their names.

    Whether you’re moving furniture, fragile glassware or valuable artwork, there is nothing our team cannot handle with care.

    We NEVER pay contract workers or outsource our labour to anyone.

    Our moving team is carefully hired, rigorously trained on site, regularly tested and monitored to ensure MOVE ON REMOVALS provides its customers the smoothest, most efficient and unforgettable transition to their new home, apartment house, office or temporary storage space under our roof (located in the heart of Melbourne).

    Our company fleet is aptly maintained, regularly cleaned and always arrives at YOUR door on time to begin with your move.”

    House moving to a new home is a strenuous task, and not one for the faint-hearted! Often require full weekend to pack your belongings. We at Move On Removals offer you a complete 360 service from Packaging supplies, packing, moving & storing. Perhaps the biggest consideration, and one can make or break your decision, your new home or office has to be affordable. But the key thing to remember here is you are not trying to find a bargain. Its also important to recognise when it is right time to move, as you want to avoid growing pains Associated with outgrowing your home, yet staying put.

    We at Move On Removals have created a short checklist to choosing a reputable moving company. With more than 10,000+ happy customers entrusting us with their house moving needs. We at Move On Removals understand exactly what it takes to move a house without any hassle.

    House moving needs comprehensive removals requirements;

    – Comprehensive house removals Insurance
    – Packing & unpacking valet services

    Please free to call our moving services to obtain moving checklist.

    Do you really want to wake up one morning, rub the sleep out of your eyes and spend your DAY OFF haphazardly wrapping and packing your precious goods into an ill prepared truck en route to its bumpy destination?

    How about taking 5 days sick leave because you pulled your back trying to lift your granny’s precious oak arm chair into the back of the worn and weather beaten ute you never drove?

    Are you prepared to battle the elements on the roads and risk more than just damaging your heavy, poorly placed and tied down inventory?

    MOVE ON REMOVALS understands your doubts and anxieties…we move people all day and EVERY DAY! How often DO YOU move?

    Our gentleman are specially trained to handle ALL of your delicate, precious, sentimental valuables, belongings and heirlooms to ensure your Point ‘A’ MOVES ON to Point ‘B’ in the most stress free, smooth transition to your new abode, office space or temporary storage facility where it may be.

    And for piece of mind, your move is completely INSURED, includes GST, packed, wrapped and MOVED ON by the VERY BEST professionals in the industry – all carefully trained and monitored by MOVE ON REMOVALS for YOUR SATISFACTION!

    Please free to call our moving services to obtain moving checklist.

    5 Things to Throw Out Before You Move

    Clutter accumulates in any living space. We throw mail in a pile on the counter, we keep our old torn up shoes in the back of our closet and every top drawer, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or the nightstand contains a wide range of random items we swear we might one day use.

    We don’t actually want this clutter – its really just organised mess—but still we find it hard to throw away. A move to a new home is the perfect opportunity to throw away the clutter in our lives and start fresh. You’ll feel lighter and so will your moving boxes!


    Here are a few things we suggest throwing away as you’re packing:

    1.The entire contents of that top drawer. Put the spare change in your wallet and throw out that junk mail. Unless you’re a scrapbook enthusiast, you don’t need to save those plane tickets or those movie stubs or that birthday card mum gave you in 2012. We hold on to these things for sentimental value, but at the end of the day they just sit in a drawer. Besides, it’s time to make new memories!

    2.Old, broken, destroyed clothes & accessories. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, if it’s torn or if it’s missing its pair, throw it out. You already got new shoes to replace the old ones and honestly, when will you ever wear just the one earring?

    3.Electronics & cables. Still holding on to that pink Razr flip phone? Any phone pre-iPhone 4 probably won’t get used again. We’re used to our technology and even if you do break your current phone and your old phone its very unlikely you’ll be willing to settle for the old old phone. While you’re at it you can also get rid of all those random, unidentified wires and cables.

    4.Worn or stained linens, towels & rugs. Moving house is a great time to get fresh linens. All of these items won’t necessarily match your new place anyway. Plus, its just good to replace these for hygiene reasons as they get a lot of use. Particularly white linens get stained and dirty no matter how clean you keep them.

    5.Mismatched Tupperware. When you pack your kitchen take the time to make sure each container still has a lid. No lid? Don’t pack it. You can also get rid of those bent takeaway containers and anything that’s been stained a weird colour.

    Fear of Moving Out

    Moving house can be scary. Finding a new place, selling the old one and moving the entire contents of your home (whether human, animal or furniture) is a lot to manage.

    While unfortunately we can’t do anything about the housing market, we can offer you some advice on easing the anxiety that comes with any decision to move.

    Deciding to move is the first step. Think of it as an adventure—a new home in which to make new memories. If you’ve been feeling stuck or like you’ve outgrown your current place, then its time to make a fresh start. Need some inspiration to convince you? Check out listings online to see some great spaces that are available, or search almost anything on Pinterest for home décor ideas that will have you eager for a new space!

    Once you have committed to your move, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about all the things that need to be organised for your move. Take a deep breath. Now, make a list of everything you need to do. Contact utilities companies, book your removalists, and assess the contents of your house. For complete, detailed lists, again do a search on Pinterest; there are hundreds of checklists to choose from in a variety of cute, yet functional styles.

    Now here is a tip that can take half of the stress out of moving: Let your removalists do the packing for you! Underestimating the amount of stuff you have in your house is the most common mistake when moving. Your removalists are experienced house packers and have done thousands of moves. Why spend days packing when someone else can do it for you?

    Moving can be scary, but with a little planning and some help from professional removalists, you’ll feel at home in your new place in no time!

    Can I Move My Smaller Belongings Myself In My Car?

    You’re more than welcome to box your smaller items on the day of your move and then transport them to your new home yourself.

    However, we’ve helped move thousands of households and we’ve noticed that often it’s the littlest items that cause the most stress on moving day. The fragile items, like glassware, ornaments and photo frames. And the small items that are easily misplaced, like cutlery and keepsakes.

    Our Pack ‘n’ Wrap ‘n’ Unwrap service allows you to sit back and relax, as our professional and experienced removalists take care of packing these delicate items for you.

    We’ll use bubblewrap, gladwrap and other tools to ensure your items have the smoothest move from your old house to your new house. And they’ll be packed by experienced removalists who know exactly what order your fragile items should be placed in to ensure maximum safety.

    Contact Info:::

    284 A Ingles St Port Melbourne,
    VIC 3207


    Each of our Big moves are project assessed 'To make the bigger moves simpler'


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