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    Moving House With Kids – The Top Ten Tips

    Moving house with your kids can be the most stressful experience of your life. Our professional movers can make everything easy because we are doing it for several years. Remember, every child has a different mentality. You have to inform your child about relocation as soon as possible instead of keeping secrets.

    Every child is different and adjusts at his/her own pace. For this reason, understand the emotions of your kids. For your help, our experts have prepared a list of top ten tips to move your house with kids. By following this list, you can avoid possible problems.

    Proper Planning to Get Sufficient Time

    People often underestimate the difficulties of moving tasks with or without children. You must have some overlap time to decrease the urgency and stress. Remember, extra time is necessary to manage cleaning and packing. Moreover, you have to deal with other tasks, including disassembling beds.

    Get Help from Friends and Family

    You can ask for help from friends and family. If you are preparing for relocation, your friends and family members can assist in taking care of children. Any assistance will prove helpful for difficult changes. In the absence of friends and family, you can hire a babysitter.

    Must-Have Boxes

    You should pack one or two separate bags of important items, such as snacks, books, lunch boxes, towels, toys and toothbrushes. In these bags, you can pack important necessities for 1 to 2 weeks. The boxes must have toilet paper rolls, light bulbs and other important items.

    Handy Nightlight

    To settle your kids in a new home, you will need dim nightlights. You should keep this item in your must-have box.

    Involve Kids in Relocation

    Your children will feel nervous at the time of relocation. Try to involve them in the moving process to give the feeling of ownership and control. Professional movers and packers can help you to manage kids because they will deal with packing and other tasks.

    Convert Relocation Tasks into an Adventure

    Drive to your new property with children to increase their excitement. Let them explore new shops, parks, and playgrounds. It will help you to create a positive feeling among your children about relocation.

    Prepare Your Children for Relocation

    Talk about the new house and upcoming changes with your children. It will help you to prepare them for this big change. You can share some amusing stories about relocation with children to make them excited.

    Recycling and Charities

    Downsizing and moving is an excellent opportunity to give your support to local authorities. You can donate unwanted or extra items to them. It will help you to teach the value of recycling and supporting charitable organizations to your children.

    Plenty of breaks

    After relocation, you will need a break to ensure everyone is settled in a new home. Spend more time with your children to have a meal or snack. Undoubtedly, relocation is a tiring job, and it may drain your body. To maintain endurance and energy levels, you will need frequent breaks.

    Don’t Worry About Unpacking

    After getting possession of your home, you will find it necessary to set up everything perfectly. Remember, unpacking may take several days. You have to focus on your health and other essentials. Children must have access to their beds, favorite toys and other essentials.

    We offer our services in Melbourne to make relocation easy. No doubt, moving house with children is difficult, but we will help you in this challenging period. If you want to make relocation fun, contact us at our numbers.

    How to Safely Move with Plants?

    Packing and moving can be tough if you are moving with some sensitive belongings, such as plants. Several plants are sensitive to light and temperature fluctuations. Most of them can’t tolerate these fluctuations. To address this issue, you will get the assistance of best removalists Melbourne.
    With the right planning and strategy, it is possible to bring your large plants while moving. For this reason, you have to prepare your plant almost one week before moving. You have to prune dead leaves, eliminating the soil and stems of weeds of pests. Here are some tips that will help you to move plants.

    Start with a Strategy
    It is challenging to transport plants in your car without any strategy. Unlike packing supplies and lampshades, you can’t toss them in your car before leaving your home. Start your work by taking inventory of plants.
    Based on the car type, you may have some restrictions to carry different belongings along. You can’t move tall indoor or outdoor plants because they are unable to travel. In this situation, house packing service Melbourne may lend a helping hand. You have to figure out what plants are suitable to carry along.

    Check Laws of Your State
    For an interstate relocation, you can’t ignore restrictions on the type of plants you can carry. You have to check pest control and plant ban regulations. Some states strictly prohibit the movement of dangerous plants to protect their citrus and potatoes. Make sure to check these restrictions to avoid possible issues.

    New Home for Your Plants
    It is not good to leave plants unattended behind to die and wither. You can check with your friends or family members who can give a new home to your plants. Moreover, a local nursing home, community garden or hospital may help you to find a new home for your plants.

    Prepare Your Plants for Relocation
    With Local Movers Melbourne, you prepare your plants for relocation. Maintain the health of your plant before moving them. Water your home sufficiently for relocation and feed them as necessary. Trim off dead branches and leaves. It will help you to offer the maximum energy to move to the right place.

    Collect Your Supplies
    Boxes may help you to transport plants in a vehicle to prevent dirt spilling. Small plants are easy to box together, but you have to choose separate boxes for medium and large plants. Carefully fix the base of the plant in the box.
    Along with boxes, you will need an additional paper or packing peanuts to fill in the gaps around every pot. If you want to pack several small plants in a box, you can put padding between them. They should not knock into each other.

    Load them in the Last
    Remember, your plants must be the last item to pack in your vehicle. They must have access to sunlight; therefore, avoid packing them in a trunk. Avoid stacking up anything on the top of plants. Keep them upright to avoid the fear of tipping over. During summer days, move plants on the day of moving.
    You have to be mindful during transportation. Remember, you can’t forget the plants thoroughly. Keep an eye on your plants to make essential adjustments. If you want to stay while moving, take plants inside for their protection. To protect your plants, understand their sunlight preferences.

    Best Removalists Company in Melbourne

    Our company is continuing to work through these questionable times.  We strive on maintaining our premium Removal and Packing Services.

    Moving houses can be a stressful time.  We usually get family and friends together to help lift the load.  Unfortunately through this pandemic we can’t resort to help of others besides removalists.

    The premium service we provide includes many vehicles ranging from a 2 Tonne Van up to a 12 Tonne Truck to transport your belongings.

    Premium Packing services starts with two professional and experienced packers that will come into your home or office and completely pack all your belongings.  Room by room they will pack everything and label all boxes.

    Next step is booking our removalists to come in and removal all boxes and furniture and load it into the truck required for your move.

    The moving team will then drive to your new home or office and unload all your belongings into the designated rooms.

    To take things to an even higher service, we can then send in our packing team to unpack all your belongings.

    So by the end of the day you can be into your new home with everything in its place.

    Its as simple as calling our friendly office staff or heading to our website to do an online enquiry and someone will endeavour to contact you within a timely manner to cater to your needs of your house or office move.  Or if your just having some renovations done, we can have some of our removal team come in to move furniture for you.

    Our company is a certified removal company with years of experience in house moves and office relocations almost a decade. Over the years we have continued to maintain a premium service in the furniture removal for household and office belongings to ensure that our customers are left happy.

    You can be rest assured that we’re one of the best companies for you to choose in Melbourne because we have a number of people who have used our services and who have had a great experience in doing so. Our Google reviews and word of mouth reviews prove this through our customers testimonies and reviews. This is why we’re confident that we are the best in Melbourne the removal industry and packing service and can take care of all your needs!

    We specialise in house moves ranging from a big townhouse duplexs to a small apartment/unit. We also handle office relocations quickly and in a reliable manner so your working production time doesn’t go to waste. With our strong customer-focused staff, we always strive to ensure that you get the best service delivered whilst you enjoy your new home or office.

    Although we specialise in house moves, our packing team and removalists are certified and able to assist with almost any type of domestic or commercial object removal, delivery or transfer. If you have a huge amount of furniture and you’re not sure if your belongings will fit in small spaces, we’ll find a way to make sure you’re taken care of. Weather we use our storage facilities or transport them to a family or friend for you.  We will have it all sorted for you.

    The options are endless, no questions will be unanswered with our fantastic friendly team.


    Services we offer

    Thinking about your new home is exciting. Unfortunately, thinking about the actual move can be more than stressful.
    Especially with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Let us take the stress out of your move. If you need to move houses or even your office. Look no further, we have the team for you.

    Our removalist team and packing and unpacking team are Covid safe tested as well as our company is fully Covid compliant.

    We regularly clean all our moving and packing vehicles. Our team is required to temperature check themselves overtime before and after their shifts. They are required to wear gloves on all packing and unpacking and moving jobs. While packing up your house or office they will always use new boxes unless you request to use your own packing materials. We can make things even easier for you and store your belongings. If you have excessive furniture in your new home or office or if you are needing to sell or offload your unused furniture is not a viable option. Then we have many different sized storage units to safely store your home or office furniture.

    We are not only looking out for our own health and wellbeing during this uncertain time. You and your families health and safety is also important to us! We will wear gloves during the duration of the move and/or pack and unpack and securely store your belongings if need be. While we will continue to maintain health and safety procedures we have strict guidelines that all our Administration and Fleet/Removal Team have been well informed of the steps needed to be taken to minimise the spread and our Remoavlists are well aware of the serious implications for people’s health and wellbeing and are abiding by all regulations in place. We are continuously monitoring the changes in the regulations and conditions with the Government advice surrounding Covid-19. Should we need to make changes with our current changing situation, we will be sure to directly contact our customers.

    We have a fantastic team that can help you organise your move, pack or storage or all of the above. Just give us a call at the office or feel free to contact us through our website. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you with your move or any questions you have.

    Moving Day Challenges & How To Overcome Them: Too Much Stuff


    I’m not a hoarder, I swear….

    Challenge: You have more stuff in your house than you thought.

    If you underestimated the amount of stuff you have to move, it’s important to understand that this will most likely slow down your move.

    The best way to avoid this would be to carefully and accurately document the contents of your home, pack ahead of time, book a larger truck than you think you’ll need or have your removals company come to do an on-site assessment.

    However, if this issue occurs on the day, figuring it out as soon as possible is important. Check with the removalists when they arrive to see if the amount of stuff you have will fit in the truck and if not, then consult with them for the best way to manage the situation. However, this will cost you time and money so do what you can to make sure you estimate the load correctly the first time.

    A good way to make sure your move gets estimated correctly and stays on track is to provide an accurate inventory when making the booking. Ask your removalist if they have an inventory sheet you can fill out, or grab a piece of paper. Then walk through every room in your home and catalogue each item of furniture. While you’re doing that, make a note of drawers, cupboards and shelves containing additional items.

    People tend to underestimate the amount of items in their homes and how many boxes it will take to fit everything. Leaving items off the inventory or not estimating appropriately is the easiest way to blow out your move. Communicating clearly and accurately with your removalists will ensure your move goes smoothly and efficiently.

    4 Ways That Moving Office Can Help Your Business Thrive

    Have you been feeling like your company has outgrown its current space? Are you tired of commuting to an inconvenient location that’s nowhere near your customers? Maybe you would like to be in Melbourne CBD or a specific suburb like Port Melbourne or Hawthorn? There are a number of reasons it might be time to relocate. Figuring out what your company will achieve by moving and how the move will support your business objectives can help you make a strategic decision.

    1. Perception:The location of your office can affect the way your business is perceived. If your office is in an unappealing neighborhood or not visible to traffic, that will lead people to have a low opinion of your business. On the other hand, if you are in a nice location and easily visible from the street, then your location works to promote your business and attract customers.

    2. Proximity to clients: If your office is hard to find or in an inconvenient location, it makes it hard for your clients to find you or for you to go out and see them. Being closer to your client base is more convenient for everyone and helps to grow that relationship.

    23. Reach new markets:While your current customers are important, moving in order to reach a new market is a strategic way to grow. A new location, if planned properly, gives you access to a whole new group of clients. Just having the sign outside your office in a new location can spread awareness of your business.

    4. Expansion:: A big challenge for growth is ensuring that you have room to grow. The office that fit 10 people isn’t going to fit 20 or 30 or 50. If you don’t move in to a space that is big enough for your team it will negatively impact workflows and processes with everyone working on top of one another.

    Moving offices is a big decision. You have to take into account what is best for your team and for your business. However, it is important to remember all of the opportunities that a new location can offer.

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