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    Moving home in Melbourne Region checklist

    If you are Moving home in Melbourne, Hire Move On Removals for best and affordable moving and packing services.

    • Confirm the date of your move
    • Give Written notice to your landlord (if you’re renting)
    • Contact your utility suppliers-Power, gas, water, Internet
    • Get quotes on your removal costs
    • Make a list of where everything is going to go in your new home
    • Pack everything and label boxes
    • Get all the essential for moving day

      You need essentials for the 1st night in your new place, so you should pack a box or two with the following things:

    • Kettle, mugs, tea, milk, coffee, sugar
    • Cleaning products, plus vacuum cleaner and bin bags
    • Phone and laptop chargers
    • Toilet roll, paper towel for kitchen
    • Doona and bedding for the first night
    • Temporary furniture – deck chairs etc.
    • Television or radio

    We make moving easy.
    We are available for 24/7 to fulfil your requirements.
    For Bookings call (03) 9636 3299 or submit a query to get a free call.

    We can quickly and easily move those heavy items and save you the headache. We will also help to troubleshoot any issues that come up related to placing big pieces of furniture inside of your new residence.
    ✔️Furniture Disassembling
    ✔️Furniture Reassembling
    ✔️Loading & Unloading

    Moving House With Kids – The Top Ten Tips

    Moving house with your kids can be the most stressful experience of your life. Our professional movers can make everything easy because we are doing it for several years. Remember, every child has a different mentality. You have to inform your child about relocation as soon as possible instead of keeping secrets.

    Every child is different and adjusts at his/her own pace. For this reason, understand the emotions of your kids. For your help, our experts have prepared a list of top ten tips to move your house with kids. By following this list, you can avoid possible problems.

    Proper Planning to Get Sufficient Time

    People often underestimate the difficulties of moving tasks with or without children. You must have some overlap time to decrease the urgency and stress. Remember, extra time is necessary to manage cleaning and packing. Moreover, you have to deal with other tasks, including disassembling beds.

    Get Help from Friends and Family

    You can ask for help from friends and family. If you are preparing for relocation, your friends and family members can assist in taking care of children. Any assistance will prove helpful for difficult changes. In the absence of friends and family, you can hire a babysitter.

    Must-Have Boxes

    You should pack one or two separate bags of important items, such as snacks, books, lunch boxes, towels, toys and toothbrushes. In these bags, you can pack important necessities for 1 to 2 weeks. The boxes must have toilet paper rolls, light bulbs and other important items.

    Handy Nightlight

    To settle your kids in a new home, you will need dim nightlights. You should keep this item in your must-have box.

    Involve Kids in Relocation

    Your children will feel nervous at the time of relocation. Try to involve them in the moving process to give the feeling of ownership and control. Professional movers and packers can help you to manage kids because they will deal with packing and other tasks.

    Convert Relocation Tasks into an Adventure

    Drive to your new property with children to increase their excitement. Let them explore new shops, parks, and playgrounds. It will help you to create a positive feeling among your children about relocation.

    Prepare Your Children for Relocation

    Talk about the new house and upcoming changes with your children. It will help you to prepare them for this big change. You can share some amusing stories about relocation with children to make them excited.

    Recycling and Charities

    Downsizing and moving is an excellent opportunity to give your support to local authorities. You can donate unwanted or extra items to them. It will help you to teach the value of recycling and supporting charitable organizations to your children.

    Plenty of breaks

    After relocation, you will need a break to ensure everyone is settled in a new home. Spend more time with your children to have a meal or snack. Undoubtedly, relocation is a tiring job, and it may drain your body. To maintain endurance and energy levels, you will need frequent breaks.

    Don’t Worry About Unpacking

    After getting possession of your home, you will find it necessary to set up everything perfectly. Remember, unpacking may take several days. You have to focus on your health and other essentials. Children must have access to their beds, favorite toys and other essentials.

    We offer our services in Melbourne to make relocation easy. No doubt, moving house with children is difficult, but we will help you in this challenging period. If you want to make relocation fun, contact us at our numbers.

    Unpacking and Organizing Your New Home

    After moving into a new dorm, home or apartment, you have to deal with unpacking and organizing. For unpacking, there will be lots of responsibilities, such as unpacking of plenty of boxes. No doubt, a team of House Removalists Melbourne can help you in unpacking. Here are some tips that will help you to unpack your new home and organize it.

    Start Unpacking Soon
    After moving to a new house, you will feel tired and want to relax for some time. It may be tempting to leave these boxes around your home and relax. Remember, it is not a good approach. You can start unpacking slowly, such as unpack some items daily.
    Set a particular deadline to unpack all the boxes. For instance, you can unpack a studio apartment in 1 to 2 weeks. Moreover, a home may take 1 to 2 months to unpack completely.

    Set Objectives for Each Room
    You can assign different objectives to each room to organize your home. The best removalists Melbourne may make your work easy. Start your work by writing down different rooms. You can categorize rooms as basement, hallways, bathroom, storage areas and pantries.
    It is essential to write the purpose of each room, along with the details of furniture for each room. Set a schedule for unpacking according to your priority. For instance, you can start unpacking with bedrooms of children and nursery. It is easy to unpack nurseries and kids room.

    Manage Electrics and Cords
    If you are not ready to manage this task soon, you have to avoid a tangled mess. Select a suitable location for cords to store them. A basket or a drawer may help you to protect your cords. Wrap all the cords securely to avoid a tangled mess.
    Avoid plugging lots of cords at a place because it can be dangerous. You can buy a cord control kit to manage several cords.

    Start with Large Items
    You will need a solid foundation for your belongings. Start with large items, such as dressers, armories, tables, beds and furniture. It is essential to move everything to its respected place. Small items may sit above large items, such as books, sundries, clothing and bedclothes.

    Prepare Entryway
    The entryway is a vital thing in your home. You have to spend maximum time at this place. If you fail to set up your entryway, you will see a pile of jackets, hats and shoes. For this reason, install hooks on your entryway. It is necessary for hats, keys, jackets and dog leashes.

    Functional Unpacking
    You have to unpack functional items before dealing with decorations. Carefully deal with the basics of unpacking to manage bathing, sleeping and eating. For this reason, unpack your bath, bedroom and kitchen first.
    After dealing with functional items, you can focus on accessorizing, featuring and decorating the remaining items in your nest. If you want to wash linens, carefully separate linens of each room. It will decrease your clutter and save time.

    How to Take Advantage of Temporary Storage While Moving House?

    For a local and interstate move, you have to deal with scheduling complications. In numerous cases, you will need storage to manage your belongings. You can put your items in temporary storage because different Moving Companies Melbourne offers storage.
    No doubt, temporary storage can be the best solution for movers. Here are some ways to take advantage of temporary storage while moving house.

    Declutter Your Home Before a Moving Day
    To make relocation easy, you have to arrange temporary storage. Remember, moving companies can charge according to the duration of packing. If you have plenty of stuff, it will take longer to pack your stuff.
    By shifting unnecessary stuff to temporary storage, you can make packing easy. It is an easy way to declutter your home. Try to move some items yourself to temporary storage to save time and money.

    Easy to Sell Your House
    If you want to sell a home quickly, move its belongings to temporary storage. Moreover, if you are planning to shift in temporary accommodation for a short period, temporary storage can save you from different problems.
    Removalists Melbourne offers accommodation for your furniture. Moreover, you can put your photo albums, books and seasonal clothing in temporary storage. It is essential to protect your valuable items.

    Avoid Unplanned Problems
    Timing is vital for relocation. For this reason, you have to plan everything. There is no need to worry about mortgage approval and several other issues. Make sure to plan storage for your unnecessary goods. It will help you to avoid unexpected issues. It is essential to prepare a plan B to avoid unexpected surprises. Temporary storage can help you with several problems.

    Unpack Easily
    No doubt, you have to move in quickly after the relocation. It may take time to unpack boxes. For this reason, temporary storage can house your essential belongings. In this way, you can avoid clutter and unpack efficiently.
    Moreover, if a new home needs some renovation, temporary storage will give you time and space for this. You can easily complete painting and redecoration projects.

    Cleaning Will be Easy
    If you want to clean your home thoroughly, you can bring your belongings to the new space. You can slowly move your belongings in the new home for adjustment. Moreover, it proves helpful to achieve a minimalist lifestyle.
    During your living transition, you can avoid short-term or a hotel rental. Instead of hastening through the unpacking process, it will be easy for you to manage this task as per your schedule. You can arrange and organize furniture in every room.

    Make Your Life Easy
    If you want to move abroad, temporary storage can accommodate your belongings. Make sure to choose a secure place to put your belongings. You will need a dry and clean unit to protect your items.
    To move for corporate events, you can store your belongings at a secure place. Remember, these storage spaces are better than rented homes.

    Tips to Make Your Move Faster and Secure

    For some people, a DIY move can be an affordable option. It is not true because moving from one place to another is a difficult job. You have to arrange lots of tools to move heavy furniture. In this situation, professional removalists Melbourne may prove helpful. You can hire them to handle moving work.

    Professional moving services can decrease your moving stress and allow a worry-free relocation. It may be challenging to find the best mover in the market. For your convenience, here are some tips for choosing the best relocation company.

    Choose a Mover in Your Territory

    An online search will give you access to a long list of the best Removalists Melbourne. You have to shortlist top five or top ten movers. Get started with a background search on potential vendors. Fortunately, you can easily track record of local relocation companies. Sometimes, friends and Yellow Pages may help you to filter a few local movers.

    Small Scale Removals

    Large scale movers may have an excellent reputation in the market. Several people may choose them because of their excellent reputation. There are some disadvantages to large scale relocation companies. You have to consider these elements before making a decision.

    • Large-scale removalists offer expensive services as compared to small scale removalists.
    • They may add some surprising extra charges.
    • Large-scale movers need extra time to deliver your belongings.

    Typically, large-scale movers use their huge trucks to transport all the items as soon as possible. For this reason, they wait for the availability of their huge trucks. If you need quick deliveries, they may charge high rates. In this situation, small movers may be a good option. Moreover, you can check the feedback of customers about a moving company.

    Don’t Run After Cheap Services

    You must not rely on cheap moving services to save money. Try to find affordable House Removalists Melbourne. Avoid compromising the safety of valuables to save some dollars. Remember, cheap moving companies may give some unpleasant surprises. These surprises may be costly than your imaginations.

    Avoid Relying on Rough Estimates

    A few removalists offer a rough estimate or verbal estimates. You should not rely on guesswork or verbal estimates. It is essential to get a comprehensive quotation without hidden charges. It may be in a written form. Furthermore, sign a contract to make your moving process easy and stress-free.

    As a client, you should not reveal your budget in advance. Professional moving companies must offer their estimate. They will not ask your budget but work on your budget. Nowadays, you will get insurance for necessary items. An insurance plan will save your valuables from possible risks.

    The professional removalists Melbourne can prepare a moving plan according to your budget. To make things easy, obtain quotations from different companies. After the comparison, you will be able to choose the best removalist. It is an easy way to save time and money.

    Best Tips to Pack Your Home for Smooth Relocation

    Packing your home for relocation is not an easy job. It needs lots of time and energy to pack your belongings. Remember, moving is an integral part of your life. It is an extremely stressful procedure to relocate from one place to another.

    The house packing service Melbourne can make this process smooth and stress-free. To make things easy, here are some moving hacks and creative ways to pack and move.

    Start Your Preparations

    Before packing up your belongings, you have to do lots of things. You have to call all the utility services and companies before moving. It is important to cancel your old home’s utilities and set up these services at a new home.

    You can set up everything by making a few phone calls. Remember, it is vital to manage it before starting your relocation. In numerous cases, you will neglect some tasks because of your busy routine. Try to tackle your tasks related to utility companies as soon as possible.

    Quickly Choose a Mover

    You will need a professional mover to pack your belongings and move them to the right place. Make sure to choose a reliable and high-quality mover. Feel free to ask for moving quotes from different companies. It is essential to have quotes from 3 to 5 different moving companies.

    Relocation may be expensive, and the right removal company Melbourne can make things easy. Packing can be a significant responsibility. Feel free to assign this task to professional movers. Try to sell or donate unnecessary items, such as rugs and furniture.

    You have to arrange a pickup in advance to move essential items. If you have unnecessary items, feel free to contact the local charity organization.

    Finish Items in the Fridge

    Moving your items in the freezer, pantry, and fridge may be a difficult job. It may be wasteful to throw these items. For this reason, you will need a happy medium to protect your food. You can try some creative recipes to eat up everything. Moreover, you can donate unexpired and unopened food to a food bank.

    Pack Necessary Items

    You can pack your valuable items with packers and movers Melbourne. Packing is an important area where you will need moving hacks. Feel free to save your time and money with the help of professionals.

    There is no need to empty a dresser drawer because you can pack them in boxes. Take out the drawers of a dresser with its items, secure up all the items with a plastic wrap. Make sure to pack them into boxes. You can leave all the drawers in the dressers if these are not heavy.

    To avoid extra work, such as unhanging clothes, to fold them, and putting them into boxes, you can leave all your clothes on hangers. Feel free to group or wrap your clothes in a clean garbage bag.

    For serious padding, you can wrap up all breakables in socks. For instance, perfume or glasses need this secure padding. You can use towels and linens to protect your fragile items.

    Essential Elements to Plan a Move

    Federal law makes it necessary for movers to provide a booklet known as Rights & Responsibilities of movers. Professional removalists like Move on Removals always offer you a booklet. If a removalist refused this booklet, you have to select another mover. Here are some crucial elements to plan a move.

    Consider Packing Costs

    People often confuse between DIY packing and packing via movers. Keep it in mind that if you are trying to save money with DIY packing, your mover will not be accountable for any destruction. If you let them pack, you are diverging overinflated rates for boxes and packing material. Top removalists Melbourne have experienced workers to professional pack your products. Before signing a contract, ask about their experience in packing. Experienced packers can carefully pack your items in suitable boxes and seal them up. They are responsible if something will bend or break.

    Be Aware of Extra Charges

    Your movers can charge extra money for a narrow street. If you have a particular instrument to relocate, inform your movers about it and ask about any additional charges. You can ask for a surcharge if they deliver your good to a small truck.

    Valuation and Insurance Protection

    It is necessary for every packers and movers Melbourne accept the liability for the worth of goods they have packed and transported. The liability is applicable at two different levels to acknowledge the charges for protection. The movers have to provide a detailed illustration of your responsibilities and rights. Their moving brochure must have essential details. Carefully read this information and follow all instructions to declare the value of a shipment. Ask your movers about an extra fee to decrease any confusion.

    Don’t Sign Blank Moving Contracts

    Keep it in mind that you can’t sign a blank contract. Make sure to get a deal in writing. The estimate of mover and extra costs must be listed in the contract. Your contract should have delivery and pick-up dates.

    Before signing a contract, read it carefully to ensure that your belongings are properly listed. If your LCD is not mentioned on your inventory at the time of signing a contract, you can’t suppose it in your inventory. You are not liable to file any claim for this LCD or anything else that is not mentioned on your inventory list.

    Avoid Guaranteed Quotes

    You can expect three types of moving contracts, non-binding estimate, non-binding to exceed the estimate, and binding estimate.

    • Non-binding Estimate: With this contract, a company can’t require payment over 10% of the original estimate. The overages should be paid with thirty days of delivery.
    • Non-binding to Beat Estimate: With this contract, there is no need to pay for overages to an original estimate. This estimate will tell you the maximum amount you have to pay for a service.
    • Binding Estimate: A binding estimate can be a guarantee of price for relocation and extra services. If you need additional services (unpacking), an extra fee should be paid within 30 days of delivery.

    You will get nine months to report any issue to a moving company Melbourne and file your insurance claim. If you are opening boxes after one year and find wrecks of glasses, you can’t get any assistance. Try to open each box on a moving day to check for damages.

    Pack And Wrap

    Every move is different and comes with its own set of demands and requirements. Having the expertise of moving 6500+ houses and commercial properties, we understand that we need to prioritise the safety and handling of your belongings, irrespective of their size, shape, importance or positioning.

    Being a professional movers and packers organization, we also specialize in packing services which holds a great importance to your move as each of your individual items or belongings can be packed, wrapped and put in a box in a more organized and sequenced way, which does not only help you to identify them, but also saves you time from finding every little thing while you are setting and arranging your new home. It also gives us an opportunity to protect the expensive and important things which may hold a special meaning for you and your family.

    We highly recommend our ‘Pack and Wrap’ services to all our customers as we believe all the glass wares, ornaments, cutlery, antiques, paintings, bottles and other fragile belongings including books and clothing needs extra protection and care, so that they are handled and delivered in the way our staff is best expected to. It gives a whole new meaning to the art of packing and wrapping of individual items as the packing style greatly varies from item to item. It is our expert and dedicated team of professional packers that are in-house trained to pack every belonging of yours, no matter how big or small but with clear labelling and instructions on the boxes so that our removalists have a clear understanding of how fragile the contents of each box are. It also helps us to plan a moving estimate for all our customers so that we are rightly priced and you are rightly charged.

    Move On Removals has a very strict ‘client servicing’ policy, which aims at time optimization for all its moves. All our operational goals include time management, uniformity and punctuality. Therefore, our ‘pack and wrap’ services happen a day or two earlier than the actual day of the house/office move. For customers with strict time constraints and busier schedules, we also do ‘unpacking and unwrapping’, for which the office needs to be informed prior to the move.

    Professional Movers and Packers in Melbourne

    We all love our homes and love improving them as much as we can but sometimes they just fail to provide what we need from a home and we have to think about moving. Your home may be a small apartment and you are planning to start a family; you may have been offered a great new promotion in another town or city (lucky you) too far away from your current place to commute. You may need to move to be near a good school for your children or you may simply be in the fortunate position of being able to buy a bigger, better house.

    Being professional movers and packers organization in Melbourne, apart from quick removals we also specialize in packing services which holds a great importance to your move as each of your individual items or belongings can be packed, wrapped and put in a box in a more organized and sequenced way, which does not only help you to identify them, but also saves you time from finding every little thing while you are setting and arranging your new home in Melbourne . It also gives us an opportunity to protect the expensive and important things which may hold a special meaning for you and your family.
    Whatever you reason for moving we love to talk about anything related to moving house and we are known as quick removals in Melbourne. From choosing new furniture, accessories, fabrics, colors and finishes to new plants for the garden. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about a new home which will help you get through the stressful house buying process, packing up our things and then unpacking everything again at the other end. So why not contact us for the quick removals anywhere in Melbourne.
    Move On removals wrap everything! It’s part of our company policy and our insurance policy that quick removals wrap all of your items. Sometimes customers ask us not to wrap items because they think it adds time to their move. It takes a matter of seconds for our quick removals to professionally wrap your items so they will stay safe and insured. If we don’t wrap it we can’t insure it and you will save way more money paying for 30 seconds of wrapping than paying to replace your antique furniture.
    Certain valuable items like artwork and pianos require removalists with specific expertise and equipment. When moving these types of items, it’s often worth spending the money to do it right. When you book with us we can recommend quick removals we’ve worked with before.

    Packing For Your Move


    To pack, or not to pack, that is the question.

    So you’re moving soon and you start looking through your stuff, trying to make a packing plan. As you try to make some sort of sense out of it, you realise you’re coming up with more questions than answers: Will this fit in a box? Do I bubble wrap it? How many boxes will I need? What’s a port-a-robe? Why are these boxes at Bunnings so expensive?

    Our best advice when any moving confusion arises: Call us. We have all the answers!

    You have two options for packing your home, do it yourself or have us do it through our Pack & Wrap service. Even if you choose to do it yourself, we can provide heaps of advice on how to go about it. Here are a few pointers to get you started

    Packaging: The first step to packing is to get the right supplies. Move On Removals offers a number of recommended packages, and we can deliver! Be sure to buy plenty of bubble wrap, the more the better. It’s the easiest way to protect your items!

    Color coding: We have an easy trick for making sure all your items end up in the right rooms. Print or draw a floor plan of your new place. Assign a color to each room, and place stickers with the corresponding colors on each box or item that goes to that room. Then, on the day of your move, tape the floorplan to the front door so the removalist will know where to put everything and you won’t have to wander around trying to find things!

    Boxes: Fill all the boxes as much as you can. Wrap fragile items and try to balance heavy and light weight items in each box so you can make the most of the space. More boxes means more trips for the removalists to take to and from the truck which makes your move take longer. When a box is full, close it up so it’s ready to be moved and stacked.

    Remember, you always have the option to let us pack for you if you don’t have the time, are unsure how to pack your items safely, or just don’t feel like doing it because we all know packing is the worst.

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