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Preparing for a storage move

Preparing for a


So, your parents have decided to sell their 5 bedroom family home in Kew and head off for a sea change. This isn’t a particularly convenient turn of events for you, as you have been using your old childhood bedroom and your parents’ shed as a free storage unit for the past 20 years. Unfortunately, your perfect Toorak apartment isn’t big enough to hold anything more than what you, your partner and your dog already own.

Before you call your Toorak removals company and before your parents hire their Kew removals company, you’re going to want to sort out a storage unit and prepare both the unit and your goods for storage. It’s important to make sure that you choose a storage company that will keep your goods safe and that will be able to conveniently coordinate with your Toorak removalists. You also need to ensure that either you or your Toorak removalists are packing and preparing your items in a way that will keep them in good condition in the storage unit for however long you intend to keep them there.

Preparing your unit

The first thing you need to do is figure out how much stuff you have so you can get the correct size storage unit for your goods. As with any type of move, underestimating the size of the move is a common mistake. In the case of a storage move, it is even more important as a storage unit has a finite amount of space. Many storage companies will have a storage calculator you can use to estimate the appropriate size.

When choosing a storage company, consider what they can offer you as far as security, as every company is different. Purchase a strong padlock as a minimum security measure.

Once you’ve chosen a storage provider, book the move with the storage company so they will know when your Toorak removals company are coming. Book your Toorak removalists for a time when the storage company is open and inform them of any rules or procedures the storage provider has.

Preparing your goods

Your items should first be wrapped to keep them from collecting dust and to protect items that will be stacked. Your Toorak removals company can do this for you if you aren’t sure how to best wrap items. If you’re storing leather furniture, don’t wrap it in plastic as it will cause the leather to sweat. You can use old blankets to protect leather furniture as well as other items.

You should label your boxes so you can easily find items when it comes time to take them out of storage. If you know there are certain items you will be removing from storage earlier, label them and point them out to your Toorak removalists so that they can put them at the front of the unit.

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