Why Hiring a Professional Removalist in Melbourne is essential?


  • Hiring a Professional Removalist in Melbourne is best for your secure & safe move
  • We offer a simple, straightforward pricing at an affordable rate.
  • Experienced, professional staff, trained and employed by us.
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  • Insurance included – public liability & transit insurance. NO Excess.
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Cheaper doesn’t mean better – why you shouldn’t compromise quality when it comes to your next move

How Long Does a Move Take?
Total Move Cost = Hourly Rate x How Long The Job Takes
Looking for the best removalists to assist you with your move can be overwhelming as there are many to choose from. Most of the time you will be looking for the company that will offer you the best rates for your move and you will not give much thought to
the other things like, quality of the removalists, if they will arrive on time, if your belongings are protected with insurance during the move and many other things. It is important that you consider these factors before booking your move with a company that is offering you
the ‘cheaper’ rate.

Companies with good conditions for their staff attract all the experienced, well trained, professional removalists in the industry.
These teams know what they are doing and can often complete moves more efficiently, safer and within a shorter time-frame, which means we are often the most affordable choice for your move.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean on time

When it comes to the day of your move, the least that you would expect from your removalists is that they arrive on-time.  Some customers could even be concerned that they may not even arrive at all.  Late starts may impact settlement times, elevator bookings and access issues on your moving day.  By going with a reliable moving company, you are guaranteed effective communication and scheduling and prompt arrivals that will assist in alleviating any of these unwanted stressors!

Cheaper doesn’t always mean trained removalists

Some cheaper companies do not have their own removalists but sub-contract removalists to do the moves for them. This means that they most likely have no idea who will be showing up to your home on the day and although this may be cheaper, they have no control over who is working in your home on that day, or worst still, will have no record of the individual people who they engaged to complete your job.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean your items will be insured

Have you thoughtabout what kind of insurance the cheaper removalists provide and can they provide you with a Certificate Of Currency to prove their insurance? This is one thing that should not be compromised! Paying a little extra for insurance will be well worth it, not only for your piece of mind, but in the event that something should get damaged on the day.
Paying a little extra for your move means that you can rest assured that your move will be carried out with professional and qualified removalists. Remember that compromising quality for saving a bit of extra cash may not be the right decision when it comes to choosing a house and furniture removalist for your move. Removalist companies are supposed to make your moving day as stress-free as possible for you and this could be the difference between choosing a cheaper company over a company with slightly higher rates. After all, you do get what you pay for!


2T truck – 2 men $138 per hour
4T truck – 2 men $158 per hour
5T truck – 2men $168 per hour
8T truck – 3 men $216 per hour
10T truck – 2 men $188 per hour
12T truck – 3 men $228 per hour

4+ Bedroom moves

12T – 4 men – $249 per hour (Complimentary Mercedes Sprinter van)
12T – 4 men – $259 per hour (Complimentary Mitsubishi canter truck)

Why its better to have 4 men Team for your big moves?

When booking your move, we highly recommend considering a 4-man team, rather than a 2- man team, and here’s why:

  • Melbourne’s summer is on so having those removalists will ensure your job is completed as quickly as possible, in less than ideal conditions.
  • You are less likely to incur night rates, as more removalists means a shorter duration, which saves you money!
  • On long jobs our removalists can tire, but with more people there is less chance of them fatiguing, meaning the pace never slows.
  • With our 4-man team, we offer a complementary van & little trucks*, so for trickier access it is much easier to get a van as close to the entrance as possible.
  • No one wants to work in the dark, especially with removals; it can be a danger to our team members and your possessions, so avoid any of that stress by organizing a bigger team to move your items!
  • Further to that, if your items have been moved we understand that no one wants to be unpacking late at night, make it easier for yourself by having the move finished earlier in the day! That way you can just sit back and enjoy your new home!

So, instead of stressing about how long the job will take, or at what time it will be completed, stress less by booking a bigger team of removalists! While the cost may appear to be more, the addition of more removalists will ensure the job does not take as long, and means our team members won’t get as tired, and therefore won’t slow down!
This is a huge benefit for you, having removalists working in teams’ means twice as much work completed in half the time. Plus, we know that it can be stressful worrying about the condition of your most precious possessions, so having extra people ensures that your items will be handled with the best care, and tiredness will not be a factor to even consider!

Make your move as simple and stress-free as possible for yourself and take advantage of our team of professional and friendly staff. Give us a call to discuss booking a 4-man team today!