On-Site Assessment

Planning a move is as vital as the move itself. It could amount to immense stress if minute details are not taken into consideration. House/ Office moving could prove to be an extremely tiresome process if it is not an organized one. Many a times, we hear customers getting stressed and worried about their moves as they often complain of not being able to plan out their move due to lack of ideas or time constraints. However, at Move on Removals we let you sit back relaxed while item-wise planning is done by our experts who have an expertise of planning and organizing house as well as office moves that demands for different requirements on the moving day. We offer free on-site assessments so that we have our consultants offer you the best in terms of time, cost and most importantly peace of mind.

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Move on Removals is the only professional removalist company that offers extensive on-site assessments for each of your big moves, especially for the commercial and the office moves. It does not just help you save time, but makes the house moving process a relatively easier and a stress free one. Right from calculating the time frame and estimating the cost to complete the move, an item-wise details of objects are taken into account. We even guide you to choose from one of our trucks available in various sizes that is most suitable for your particular moving needs.

During the on-site assessments, our consultants also suggest if you should opt for our ‘pack and wrap’ services, as it comes handy and extremely useful when fragile and valuable objects are involved during the course of your move. Furthermore, trying to add every object in your move could prove to be a time-consuming as well as an expensive process, therefore our consultants also guide in hiring from our ‘storage’ facilities as and where needed so that you can optimise the costs for your move. A special ‘unpack and unwrap’ service is also available on request for our clients with limited time constraints. Call for your on-site assessment today to avoid stress and worries related to your house/office moving needs. At Move on Removals, we are more than happy to make your move a stress free and a cost effective one.

Each of our commercial or big move comes with a complimentary service of an on-site assessment that lets you sit back relaxed and enjoy a hassle free move while our removalists can meticulously carry on their job. The advantage of having an onsite assessment lies on the fact that it gives our removalists as well the clients an ease to plan and be prepared for the move in the most organised fashion. It also helps to save time, which otherwise may lead to last minute rush.

Having moved more than 1000+ houses, we have come across situations when the client is confused till the eleventh hour regarding which things he wants to move and what are the things that he intends to leave behind. In situations like these, an onsite-assessment helps in guiding our clients in making a decision as to what one desires to carry also what one plans to leave behind. This helps in organising the move as one can also avail our pack and wrap services so that all the objects that needs to be moved are packed and placed in a planned manner.

On-site Assessments are usually quick and it also provides a platform to our customers to put forward their doubts, queries and insecurities before a move. It also enables our removalists to have a clear understanding about what is it exactly that our client is expecting from our services as it leads to a sense of trust that we value our clients and their needs, addressing their worries before a big move and most importantly ensuring the safety and security of all the objects that are being moved. This interaction during the on-site assessment is something that place great emphasis on as we are the only removalists Melbourne, who undertakes such in-depth understanding specific client demands, their specialised needs to vehicles, packing and wrapping, also unwrapping in a few situations as demanded, needs of packing materials or storage facilities that are some of the great concern during a move.

At Move on Removals, we advise our clients that they must utilise our on-site assessment services as they help ease out your last minute anxiety before a move, also ensure an organised handling of all your belongings, so that each room is packed as per your convenience and there is also a sequence of the task performed since one needs to be sure of where things are placed and the contents of each box while one gets to one’s new address. Thus, on-site assessments will help you prepare for that big move of yours in a both simplistic and a realistic manner.