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    FAQ To House Removals Melbourne

    Following are the  Answers to your Questions.

    1. What makes Move On Removals any better than other removalist companies?

    We believe we are the best removalist company in Melbourne because we are fast, professional, and careful with your belongings. All valuables will be wrapped and secured so that they are safe during the move, and in the unlikely event that anything is damaged, you will be reimbursed for any damage caused.

    2. Which truck size should I book?

    We have a variety of trucks available to fit all purposes. One of our call operators will suggest the perfect truck for your individual circumstances.

    3. What insurance do you have?

    Yes, we have both public liability insurance and transit insurance. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe with us.

    4. What area do you cover?

    In the past few years, we’ve moved thousands of households and offices throughout Melbourne and in that entire time we have not had a single claim of breakage. We’re professional, experienced and very careful with your belongings. Our team is employed by us and trained by us. We train our movers to treat your belongings as they would their own. We’re also quick! And the quicker the job is done, the more you’ll save.

    5. Do you do fixed quotes?

    We charge by the hour rather than giving fixed quotes because, unlike many other companies which will profit by quoting the maximum number of hours, we save you money by only charging for the hours worked.

    6. How early should I book?

    As early as possible. Though sometimes a cancellation will free up time at the last minute, earlier bookings will always guarantee priority.

    7. Do you accept Eftpos?

    Cash, credit card or Eftpos are all acceptable forms of payment. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.

    8. Can I assist the movers when packing the truck?

    Absolutely, helping with the move will make the job go faster and ultimately save you money. However, we recommend that you follow the lead of our movers as they are very experienced in moving and packing.

    9. Do you sell packaging materials?

    Yes, we sell packing materials either in advance or on the day of your move. We also offer a pack and wrap service to get you ready well in advance of the move.