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How To Pack For Moving A House?

How To Pack For Moving A House?

Are you planning to relocate? Well, congratulations on packing and moving on new house. But don’t panic thinking about how to pack all the stuff because we got your back.

Planning to move is a complete process, and we recommend planning each and every step.

At Removalists Melbourne, we provide our clients with trustworthy packing and moving services.

Our services include on-site assessment, wrapping and placing your stuff with all the care, and moving it safe and sound to your desired location.

Luckily, we have some simple tips and tricks to pack all your stuff without breaking your back, fragile cutlery, or bank. We aim to mentor you through the process of packing.

Simple Tips to Pack All Your Stuff

Listed below are some simple ways, and by following them, you can pack all your stuff without any difficulty:

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Start your packing by getting rid of every unnecessary item at your place. Be it an old skirt or a China bowl that is seldom used. There is no point in stacking up old things that you barely use as they take place and make packing difficult.

Instead, sell them and make some money or donate even better. In this way, you can free yourself from any extra stuff, and also, less time will be consumed during packing.

Buy Cheap and Reasonable Packing Materials

Get your hands on cheap and reasonable packing boxes. Yes, that is very important. You can talk to the moving company you hired and ask them about some appropriate cardboard boxes.

There are boxes available for almost everything from glasses to flat-screen LED TVs.

Pack One Room at a Time

One room at a time, just like one step at a time! Pick one room and start gathering stuff around you. In this way, you can concentrate all your energy in one room.

You will pack your stuff more efficiently instead of going through every room now and then.

Pack a Bag of Essential Items

Pack up a bag of all your essential items that you would need on the first night at the new place. It is very likely to get tired after moving and unloading.

You might not find the energy to unpack all your stuff the day you move. So, make a bag and put everything you think you’d need on the first night. It will reserve you a lot of time and help you restore your energy for the next day.

Sort Things By Category

It’s better to sort your things by category. For instance, if you have a lot of reading material such as books and magazines, collect them and pack them in one place.

You may use labels for each category. Get a box, label it “books,” and put all your books and journals. Doing this will help you when you’re unpacking, as you’d know which box should go where.

We at Removalists Melbourne provide storage services to our customers too. We have storage units for the stuff you can’t take with you but can’t let go of.

There are no additional charges or truck fees for this service. You can rely on us with your stuff.

Choose a Suitable Day for Your Move

Another essential task is to pick a good day for your move. If you have flexible timings, you should search for days when the moving services are cheaper.

Make sure to employ a professional moving company that can handle all your stuff efficiently. Then look around days on their website and pick the right one.

Create a To-do List

Create a packing and wrapping to-do list. Enlist all the tasks you think are necessary for the process. They may include the things we have listed above.

Make sure to carry out each task on time and then mark it done. It will make the process a lot easier and time-saving for you.

Do you know why the parents would not let us throw the original cardboard boxes of electronic items? Because these boxes make packing easy. If you have authentic boxes of your microwave, vacuum cleaner, and flat-screen television, jackpot.

It is way easier to wrap up this stuff in their boxes because they are fragile. If you don’t have them, you may use bubble wrap and blankets for fragile stuff.

Get Packing and Moving Services or Ask Family and Friends for Help

It is adequate to ask for help, especially when moving places. If you rely on your friends and family to help you pack and move, call them early and save time.

Pack a few items little by little every day instead of rushing things for the last few days. It will only result in fatigue and chaos, and you might not be able to pack efficiently on the eleventh hour. So, try to pack a few things every day or twice to save yourself from last-minute tension.

Carefully Pack Valuable Items

If you keep many decoration pieces at home, then you should take out some time before the rest of the packing and wrap your delicate items with extra care. These pieces can be oddly shaped so they may require extra cushioning and taping.

Use bubble wrap to pack your delicate and fragile items. To pack dishes, try to put them vertically; in this way, you can pack many dishes in one box.

What to do with the leftover fruits, vegetables, and groceries in the fridge?

You don’t want to throw away the perfect food because you’re moving.

In this case, we recommend you stop purchasing any groceries or food items ten days before your moving day. Make meals at home and invite your friends to finish it all quickly.

Label All Boxes 

Label all your boxes and put numbers on them to avoid confusion.

These are some of the recommendations for a managed packing process. We are sure that following these will help you with packing and relocating. If you want any professional help, consider our packing and moving services. Happy shifting!

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