Packaging Materials

Moving homes is a big task. You need to have supreme organisational skills and you also need to ensure that you have sufficient boxes and packaging material to manage all of your items. At Move On Removals, we have got you covered. Our range of packaging materials includes all manner of cartons and adhesive tapes, blankets, shrink-wrap, bubble-wrap and other protective filling. We can protect your good when they’re in transit right up until they’re being unpacked in your new home. Get in touch so that we can help you to choose the right options from our storage and packing range.

Move On Removals also enables you to assess how much packing materials you would need, based on the size and requirement of your office/ house, for which you can call for our free on-site assessment service once you book your move with Move On Removals. With this service, you would have a clear idea of the exact number of packing supplies that you may need during the course of the packing, provided you are left with any supply, we would take them back and you shall not be charged for the same.

Right from boxes, mattress covers, wrapping papers, bubble wraps, sticky tapes, etc. are available to choose from our packing inventory. We recommend our clients to choose from our packing materials as we use quality products and charge the right prices from all our clients. We can guide you in choosing the right products so as to minimise wastage and also from incurring unwanted costs as sometimes faulty planning of packaging materials can turn out to be very expensive. We have come across numerous situation when wrong packaging has delayed the whole process of moving as it is not just difficult to move your objects when they are wrongly packed, but it also becomes a concern of their safe handling during the course of the move as they need to be organised well in the trucks so that no damage occurs in the course of travel from one address to the other.

Move On Removals recommends all its clients to avail our packing as well as moving services as we understand your moving needs the best, also we offer a complete range of moving services in Melbourne so as to enable you an ease of moving your space with a whole new moving experience. With us, you will have the ease of communicating about your concerns or issues that you feel is concerning or getting you worried regarding your move, we shall suggest the best options for you that suits both your schedule and your pocket. Give us a call today to avail our packing materials as well house/office removalists Melbourne.