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Moving Day Challenges & How To Overcome Them: Too Much Stuff

Moving Day Challenges How To Overcome Them 1 1


I’m not a hoarder, I swear….

Challenge: You have more stuff in your house than you thought.

If you underestimated the amount of stuff you have to move, it’s important to understand that this will most likely slow down your move.

The best way to avoid this would be to carefully and accurately document the contents of your home, pack ahead of time, book a larger truck than you think you’ll need or have your removals company come to do an on-site assessment.

However, if this issue occurs on the day, figuring it out as soon as possible is important. Check with the removalists when they arrive to see if the amount of stuff you have will fit in the truck and if not, then consult with them for the best way to manage the situation. However, this will cost you time and money so do what you can to make sure you estimate the load correctly the first time.

A good way to make sure your move gets estimated correctly and stays on track is to provide an accurate inventory when making the booking. Ask your removalist if they have an inventory sheet you can fill out, or grab a piece of paper. Then walk through every room in your home and catalogue each item of furniture. While you’re doing that, make a note of drawers, cupboards and shelves containing additional items.

People tend to underestimate the amount of items in their homes and how many boxes it will take to fit everything. Leaving items off the inventory or not estimating appropriately is the easiest way to blow out your move. Communicating clearly and accurately with your removalists will ensure your move goes smoothly and efficiently.

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