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Essential service at the time of pandemic

At this point of pandemic we all are stressed, scared and being unsure about your future. However, we can assure you that you will be provided with a knowledgeable team & we’ll be following all kinds of precautions for your health.

Moving house has been a reason for us to be in business. All our removalists make it easy by ensuring all the moving guidelines are followed to the most. We at Move On Removals do not use contractors, that allows us to keep our standards high and above compared to any other moving company in Melbourne.

At this stage of current conditions, we are providing all the services from packaging supplies, office & house packing along with storage for the people that are stuck overseas. All our packing professionals are highly trained to the packing and moving standards. We bring all our packaging supplies along with us unlike other packers in Melbourne and charge you according to your needs.

We provide different sizes of storage units for your needs starting from just $120 per month. All your items are kept in our premises with optimum level of security. All our storage charges are fortnightly that helps you to decide the number of days you would like to keep your valuables.

All our moving has been arranged according to your needs, and we are following a lot of guidelines like recording temperature, using gloves, sanitising objects, cleaning all our vehicles after completion of jobs. Also, we have requested all our clients to keep 1.5 m distance from us so we beat this virus.

We always try our best to do everything according to house moving standards so all the customers feel valuable to the whole process of packing, moving and storing. We have continuously raised our standards in moving by following the policy of being trustworthy, punctual and above all is to believe in our packing and moving team in these years of business.

Coronavirus and Your Move

While we browse the shelves amongst the panic of people buying all the toilet paper in Coles and Woolworths, hoping we find paper towels, tissues and other basics we need; it’s easy to also panic over an upcoming move.

It doesn’t matter if it is your furniture move, packing or unpacking you need for your home or office move in Melbourne, rest assured that we at Move On Removals are taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously.

Our staff are healthy and safe at Move On Removals and with your help we can remain that way.

Your move may have been planned for weeks or months, or something that has come up quickly as you find a new home for yourself. At Move On Removals we are dedicated to getting you from your old house to your new home, safely.

Hygienic practices have long been a practiced part of your relocation with Move On Removals, and we continue to provide that level of high quality service for you.

The removalists team take all precautions necessary. Wearing gloves, using hand sanitisers and continuing our safe hygiene practices are just some of the steps we take. Our customer service team is only a phone call or email away should you need to talk with us about your concerns or needs. Masks are not recommended for the healthy at this time, but we are taking all necessary steps to remain cautious.

Furniture will continue to be wrapped and relocated, both packing and unpacking will still be carried out with the utmost care that we have always provided for you, and our staff will always provide the best in customer service and care to all our clients across Victoria.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer services team prior to your move or relocation if you have any concerns, or to update us on any COVID-19 or isolation situations you are facing.

We continue to serve our customers across greater Melbourne and Victoria safely and in good health!

Hiring Movers For A Single Item – How To Identify A Good Removalist

One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a removalist in Melbourne for just one item is not planning properly. Move on Removalists have complied a list of things you should keep in mind when moving a single item, whether it’s big or small.

Identify Whether A Removalist in Melbourne, Australia Moves A Single Item

Interstate or local moves prove tough, especially when moving your whole home or office. However, that is not to say that moving a single item is any easier.
Usually when moving inter-city or inter-neighbourhood, local removalists don’t move small or single items. Removalists in Melbourne, Australia usually use large trucks to transport your stuff.
This means that moving a single item across Melbourne, Australia isn’t feasible for them, be it household items or small commercial equipment across country or state. If, however, they do undertake your project, removalists or private trucks usually add a few pick-up stops along the way.
Sometimes this can end up costing a lot more than if you’re moving your whole home or office.
To tackle such high prices and inconveniences, call reputable movers beforehand to ask if they move single items and how much it costs. Don’t forget to include any details you might think are necessary.

Why Removalists In Melbourne Don’t Move A Small Amount

In any business, the most important factor is profitability. Charging per item or distance-wise doesn’t just help removalists cover the cost of transport but also the labour’s salary. When moving a single item, the profitability ratio goes well below breakeven.
This is especially the case in the summer season and during peak season.
As for independent truckers, they are usually booked months in advance, giving them little to no room on their rigs.
We recommend postponing your move as much as possible from the summer season towards the winter season, where demand for movers is relatively scarce.

Sometimes It Depends on What You’re Moving

A single item can mean a lot of things; from a small computer table or a chair all the way to a diesel generator or manufacturing plant. Residential customers are often looking to move a single piece of furniture such as a bed, dressing table, etc, or a large appliance such as oven, a big screen LED, piano, etc.
Hiring a removalist can prove cost-effective if your item needs specialized equipment and services, such as large appliances and pianos. Depending on what it is you’re moving, you can call removalists in Melbourne, Australia to identify whether they move such an item and whether or not they have specialized equipment. You’d be surprised at how effective a single phone call can be in helping identify a good removalist in Melbourne, Australia!
Each removalist is different, be it in terms of equipment, staff, pricing, or the overall fleet. A simple phone call can mark the difference between an average, good, or excellent removalist experience!

Why Choose Move On Removals

Move on Removals is a professional moving service all across Victoria, Australia. If you are moving in Melbourne or any part of Victoria the first thing that comes to your mind is moving your stuff to your new place safely. For that you start exploring the best moving service available in Melbourne and Victoria. That is where you will find Move on Removals best available moving service and second to none all over Melbourne. The best Melbourne can offer you is Move on Removals.
When we plan to move on to some new place we are very much conscious about the safety of our stuff and items. Move on Removals offers wide range of services to our customers including moving home, commercial moving, packing and unpacking of items, moving furniture, packing boxes and many more.

Our customer support team is always available to help you for your queries. Simply call us and let us know where you want to move. You will be guided properly.
Move on Removals have professionally trained employees which are highly trained and are efficient in their job role. Being a best movers in Melbourne we guarantee to make your moving safe and easy. On the scheduled day Move on Removal’s team will arrive to assess the items to be moved and will make sure that it is done in time safely.


Why choose us?

Move on Removals is distinct in various aspects as compared with its competitors for house removal services in Melbourne. Few of the distinct key features are listed below:

  • Most affordable house movers in Melbourne.
  • Move on Removal’s team knows every inch of Melbourne.
  • Moving stuff safely is our top priority.
  • Experienced Team
  • Family oriented staff
  • One Window Operation

Services we Offer

Move on Removals is a Melbourne based commercial removalist company covers all possible aspects of commercial moving services. Services you can avail from Move on Removals are:

On-Site Assessment

Moving from one place to another along with all your stuff is hack of a task. You need organizational and planning skills to manage your move properly. By availing our on-site assessment service one of our expert will be directed to meet you on your place to provide estimated quote. Our dedicated expert can be helpful in order to understand your requirement e.g. packaging material required, suitable vehicle for your moving items etc.

Packing Material

Move on Removals supply quality packaging materials that are best fit for your fragile and brittle items. Packaging materials at Move on Removals are designed keeping in mind the fragility of the items used either in houses or offices. Our top priority is to move you at your destinations with your stuff safely. Sense of peacefulness and serenity comes when you see Move on Removal’s team handling your items with care and awareness of use of packaging material.

Packaging Delivery

When moving your house or office you should know how much packaging material is required for safe moving. Move on Removals provide packaging material at your door step with wide range of packaging material including boxes, tape, bubble wrap for glass materials etc. So Move on Removals is very simple, easy and safe service for your moving.

Packing And Wrapping

Highly recommended services for cautious customers. Our dedicated team will require at least 3 hours approximately to “Pack and Wrap”. All your valuable and fragile belongings like glass-ware, bottles, painting, kitchenware, ornaments, clothing, books etc. need extra protection and awareness. It is our well trained and directed team that is responsible for pack and wrap of your valuable content.

Moving Service

When choosing a removalist in Melbourne you need someone with all required tools, equipment and most importantly well trained team. Move on Removals is best removalist in Melbourne that are well equipped and can ensure you a smooth and placid journey for your move. Move on Removals offers wide range of trucks for your move from 2 tons to 12 tons.


Only Move on Removals, Melbourne can offer you if you need storage for your furniture and other items. As we know your stuff upside down so we can provide you a tailored storage for your valuable content either you need it for long term or short term. We provide storage on day to day basis, moth to month with no hidden charges and extra cost.

Essential Elements to Plan a Move

Federal law makes it necessary for movers to provide a booklet known as Rights & Responsibilities of movers. Professional removalists like Move on Removals always offer you a booklet. If a removalist refused this booklet, you have to select another mover. Here are some crucial elements to plan a move.

Consider Packing Costs

People often confuse between DIY packing and packing via movers. Keep it in mind that if you are trying to save money with DIY packing, your mover will not be accountable for any destruction. If you let them pack, you are diverging overinflated rates for boxes and packing material. Top removalists Melbourne have experienced workers to professional pack your products. Before signing a contract, ask about their experience in packing. Experienced packers can carefully pack your items in suitable boxes and seal them up. They are responsible if something will bend or break.

Be Aware of Extra Charges

Your movers can charge extra money for a narrow street. If you have a particular instrument to relocate, inform your movers about it and ask about any additional charges. You can ask for a surcharge if they deliver your good to a small truck.

Valuation and Insurance Protection

It is necessary for every packers and movers Melbourne accept the liability for the worth of goods they have packed and transported. The liability is applicable at two different levels to acknowledge the charges for protection. The movers have to provide a detailed illustration of your responsibilities and rights. Their moving brochure must have essential details. Carefully read this information and follow all instructions to declare the value of a shipment. Ask your movers about an extra fee to decrease any confusion.

Don’t Sign Blank Moving Contracts

Keep it in mind that you can’t sign a blank contract. Make sure to get a deal in writing. The estimate of mover and extra costs must be listed in the contract. Your contract should have delivery and pick-up dates.

Before signing a contract, read it carefully to ensure that your belongings are properly listed. If your LCD is not mentioned on your inventory at the time of signing a contract, you can’t suppose it in your inventory. You are not liable to file any claim for this LCD or anything else that is not mentioned on your inventory list.

Avoid Guaranteed Quotes

You can expect three types of moving contracts, non-binding estimate, non-binding to exceed the estimate, and binding estimate.

  • Non-binding Estimate: With this contract, a company can’t require payment over 10% of the original estimate. The overages should be paid with thirty days of delivery.
  • Non-binding to Beat Estimate: With this contract, there is no need to pay for overages to an original estimate. This estimate will tell you the maximum amount you have to pay for a service.
  • Binding Estimate: A binding estimate can be a guarantee of price for relocation and extra services. If you need additional services (unpacking), an extra fee should be paid within 30 days of delivery.

You will get nine months to report any issue to a moving company Melbourne and file your insurance claim. If you are opening boxes after one year and find wrecks of glasses, you can’t get any assistance. Try to open each box on a moving day to check for damages.

Move On Removals – Commercial Removalists

Move on Removals is an Australian moving company established in the year 2012. It started out as a small furniture removal company, only to get bigger in times to come with addition of modern trucks to its fleet of trucks, alongside a carefully selected and trained crew. Today, after moving close to 1200 + houses, Move on Removals is listed among the best moving companies in Melbourne.

It is the only removals company in Melbourne that provides a one-stop solution for all your moving needs, from pack and wrap services to storage facilities, alongside house or office moves. We also do on-site assessments to avoid the last minute confusion so that both your belongings and your valuables are placed and moved in order. We train the removalists to care and place your needs before anything else, as house/office moving is a serious business to us and every little detail is taken into account.

We are a set of commercial removalists, based in Melbourne, who are known to be both attentive and protective of our image, which we have built with immense hard-work, sincerity and dedication over the years. At Move On Removals, we feel proud to have an existing and loyal clientele, who have believed in our vision and helped us grow continuously. Each employee at Move on Removals are trained to perform at their best, serving our clients to their optimum level of satisfaction. Our removalists are not strong and organised, but they are also attentive to details as per the client requirements, as each house or office move have their own needs and demands.

Move on Removals is both cost and time effective as it is a concern for most of the people. We believe in charging the right prices for the right work and all our activities are directed towards achieving this objective in the set deadline hours, which we calculate during the onsite assessment. To get your free quote, call us today.

Pack And Wrap

Every move is different and comes with its own set of demands and requirements. Having the expertise of moving 6500+ houses and commercial properties, we understand that we need to prioritise the safety and handling of your belongings, irrespective of their size, shape, importance or positioning.

Being a professional movers and packers organization, we also specialize in packing services which holds a great importance to your move as each of your individual items or belongings can be packed, wrapped and put in a box in a more organized and sequenced way, which does not only help you to identify them, but also saves you time from finding every little thing while you are setting and arranging your new home. It also gives us an opportunity to protect the expensive and important things which may hold a special meaning for you and your family.

We highly recommend our ‘Pack and Wrap’ services to all our customers as we believe all the glass wares, ornaments, cutlery, antiques, paintings, bottles and other fragile belongings including books and clothing needs extra protection and care, so that they are handled and delivered in the way our staff is best expected to. It gives a whole new meaning to the art of packing and wrapping of individual items as the packing style greatly varies from item to item. It is our expert and dedicated team of professional packers that are in-house trained to pack every belonging of yours, no matter how big or small but with clear labelling and instructions on the boxes so that our removalists have a clear understanding of how fragile the contents of each box are. It also helps us to plan a moving estimate for all our customers so that we are rightly priced and you are rightly charged.

Move On Removals has a very strict ‘client servicing’ policy, which aims at time optimization for all its moves. All our operational goals include time management, uniformity and punctuality. Therefore, our ‘pack and wrap’ services happen a day or two earlier than the actual day of the house/office move. For customers with strict time constraints and busier schedules, we also do ‘unpacking and unwrapping’, for which the office needs to be informed prior to the move.

Identify Quality Movers Tips to Invest in the Best Moving Services

With millions of moving companies in Australia, it can be challenging to choose the best movers Melbourne. Hiring quality movers are necessary to avoid shoddy practices and scams. A professional team of Move on Removals can help you in packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. If you want to select the best team of your area, here are some tips for identifying quality movers:

Start with Moving Inventory

The top moving company will prepare the inventory of your belongings and determine the weight and bulk of move. They are responsible for preparing an in-depth estimator after checking your storage spaces, such as bookcases, garages, drawers, and cupboards. A major component of the price of a mover is based on the total weight of your items and the space required by your goods in a truck. The top removals Melbourne can prepare an accurate estimate for you.

In-depth Walk-through

A professional estimator can prepare an in-depth walk-through without affecting your relocation plan. He will ask essential questions about your moving plan from your present house to a new location. You have to share the details of goods with your estimator that you are planning to sell on an online platform or in a yard sale. You can donate your excessive items in charity or plan a giveaway.

Avoid Payment of Large Deposit

Packers and movers Melbourne won’t demand a hefty deposit or cash before moving. You must make payment upon delivery. By paying in advance, you can’t have control over your belongings and movers. Use your credit card for payment for your protection from fraudulent activities.

Avoid Movers with Different names

A few companies work under different names to avoid BBB (Better Business Bureau). Before choosing a furniture removalists Melbourne, you have to ensure that the company has a website, local addresses and details of insurance and licensing. Their employees must answer your phone calls with the full business name.
You have to find out if your selected mover has other business names. Check their federal and state license numbers. With an online search, you can find complaints about a removalist. Try to find out the history of your selected company. It will help you to avoid potential frauds and scams.

Use References

If family and friends don’t have recommendations, you should get a list of dependable movers from movers association of your state. You have a right to ask for references from your mover. Ask for a list of 3 to 4 customers from your region who have used their services three months ago. Call those clients and ask some questions to know their experiences.

Prevent Packing Costs

If you are packing your possessions yourself, the movers are not responsible for any damage to the products. Ask your movers to do packing and pay inflated rates for packing materials and boxes. Before hiring the movers and packers, ask about the experience of packers. By hiring the best movers Melbourne, you can avoid the chances of damage because movers can work carefully.

House and Commercial Moving Company Based out of Melbourne

Move on Removals is a house and commercial moving company based out of Melbourne. With our professional and dedicated team of removalists, we bring you a fleet of safety and reliable trucks that vary from a size of 2 to 12 tonne.

We ensure, we cover all your needs for a successful and a hassle-free move that includes: –

• Packing Order
• Packing Delivery
• On Site Assessment
• Packing & Wrapping
• Moving Service
• Unpacking.


Move on Removals is a one stop house/office moving company. Our end to end moving solutions help you prepare your moving needs be it a house, office or any commercial needs. We are the only professional movers & packers that undertakes all your pack & wrap services, furniture moving, house & office moves and also storage facilities.

At Move on Removals, your move is of prime importance to us as we understand the finer details involved during every move, and each move has its own needs and demands. We hire and train the best professionals in the industry who not only makes your move easy but also an organized one. To help your move go through smoothly, we bring out the following services: –

• Packing and unpacking at old and new locations
• Smooth, safe delivery
• On-site assessment for quotes
• Supply of bubble wrap and heavy-duty storage boxes
• Full public liability and transit insurance for your peace of mind
When you are booked with Move on Removals, we take care of all your moving needs just as you would like us to. From houses to offices, all our operations are directed towards making the move comfortable to our customers.

A 5-Star Melbourne Moving Company

You are unlikely to find a team that is more committed, enthusiastic and helpful furniture removalists than those at Move on Removals. From the moment you hire our movers, you can be assured that the entire team is working to ensure your move is as stress-free one.
What’s more? When you book our professional services, you will know your belongings are in safe and experienced hands. Since the commencing of our operations in July 2012, we have moved more than 6,000 households, offices and single-item deliveries. Our 5-star removalists are highly experienced and intensively trained. We are also insured with both Public Liability and Transit Insurance.
Check out our blog for free informative articles that contains everything you need to know about furniture removals in Melbourne. We also offer a free download of a house moving checklist, specifically designed by our furniture removals team to make moving as simple and quick as possible.

Organise an On-Site Assessment and Quote Today
Need advice about which of our moving services package would best suit your move, or want to arrange a free, no-obligation on-site quotation with our movers in Melbourne? Our booking consultants are at your service to answer all your queries. For quick removals and stress-free home or business relocations, call the leading removal company in Melbourne on 1300 MOVE ON or email us at


On-Site Assessment

Often when you are moving home or office it can be a stressful job to wonder what you need and what to prepare for. If you are facing these uncertainties, don’t go about it alone and risk under-planning or over-committing, we will arrange one of our moving experts to come to your home or office and do an assessment. Our highly experienced staff are able to provide with expert guidance that you need in order to best understand what is required for your move.
Get in touch today and save yourself the hassle of uncertainty when you move.

House Removals in Melbourne

When you are heading to a new home in Melbourne, there is a lot to consider. After all, there is a reason why moving houses is said to be one of the most stressful time in a person’s life or for an entire family. It is therefore important to choose a house removalist in Melbourne that you can trust and ensure that you do not have to worry about your belongings from being damaged. At Move on Removals, our experienced home removalists have the necessary know-how and equipment to ensure your next move is smooth and stress-free.

Furniture Removals in Melbourne

It is a well-known fact that moving home or office can be incredibly stressful, and perhaps the most difficult aspect of all is moving furniture. It can be of immense stress to think about how you will be able to get a double bed downstairs, let alone set up again at the new property. Fortunately, the team at Move on Removals are experts when it comes to local furniture removals. Whether you need help moving furniture in Melbourne for a home or workplace, we are a number one choice.

Why Choose Professional Furniture Removalists?

When you need to move houses or offices, it is impossible to fit all your furniture in personal car or van. Therefore, the only a few options available are hiring your own truck or turning to professional furniture movers in Melbourne. It is common to think that hiring a truck themselves will save costs on labour, the money saved is often not worth the time wasted and the stress caused. On the other hand, hiring a complete furniture removalist service in Melbourne removes all pressure from you. We do all the manual labour and provide the trucks so you can sit back and watch us set up your new home or office.

How to Move Antique Furniture?

Antique furniture is always more expensive and beautiful than regular pieces of furniture. Most of the times, you have special feelings and memories associated with this furniture. Antique furniture is treated as the heirloom of a family. This type of furniture withstands the altering fashion, social norms, changing tastes and style.

It is transferred from one generation to another, so it becomes a treasurable keepsake of sad moments and happy times. For this reason, the safety of antique furniture is essential for every generation. If you have antique furniture and planning a residential relocation, you have to do something special for the safety of your antique furniture. It is your responsibility to transfer it to a new place without scratches or dents. You may think How to Move Antique Furniture – Movers in Melbourne.

A simple answer to this question is professional movers in Melbourne. They know how to protect your antique furniture from bumps, scratches, and damages. Here are some ideas that can make your work easy:

Prepare Your Antique Furniture

Relocating a house without professional movers will be a risky job. You have to do several things, so share your liability with professional people. These people can safely move vulnerable, valuable and delicate items like antiques. By paying a small fee to professional movers Melbourne, you can save treasure of your family.

Prepare Inventory of Antique Furniture

Before starting your moving procedure, you can prepare a list of antique furniture and precious possessions. It will help you to keep track of your family treasure. Visit each room and write about the location and name of each antique item or vintage piece. You can write important information with the name of furniture, such as original purpose, value, craftsman, manufacturing, etc.

You have to describe the current condition of the antique furniture clearly. It will be good to take photographs of furniture from all angles and sides to have substantial evidence of their actual condition. An inventory and pictures will help you to claim your moving company after potential damage during relocation.

Appraisal of Antique Furniture

You can get your precious furniture appraised to verify its value. Find an authorized and trustworthy appraiser of antique furniture to assess the real value of your antique belongings. It is essential to ensure your antique furniture in transit. Discuss this option with your moving company and insurance agent to choose an appropriate plan.

Pack Furniture for Shipping

To pack your antique furniture, you have to disassemble its detachable elements, such as glass panels, legs, shelves, doors, and drawers. Pack these items separately with care. Put each small hardware (handles, nuts, screws, etc.) in a plastic bag with seal and attach these bags to the body of the main furniture. You can also pack these bags in a small box with other components of furniture.

You have to lock doors and fix all lose parts of your furniture. A plastic wrap can help you to keep all pieces of furniture in one place. It is essential to arrange three layers of protection to transport your antique furniture. Professional movers Melbourne can provide this triple layer protection: shock protection, outer protection, and surface protection.

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