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Moving Day Challenges & How to Overcome Them: Weather

Moving Day Challenges 1

It’s raining cats and… moving boxes?

Moving is a complicated process. There’s a lot to manage and a lot to remember, and no matter how prepared you are leading up to moving day, there is still a lot of work to fit in on the day, and a lot of ways that your plan can get derailed.

Now, don’t panic. Just because an issue comes up, doesn’t mean it can’t be handled. If you have chosen the right removals team, they can be an important source of strength for you to rely on. In the midsts of your lists and plans, remember that removalists handle multiple moves every day. No matter what challenge you’re facing, they’ve seen it before and they can help you  find your solution.

The Move On Removals Blog is here to help with a new series: Moving Day Challenges and How to Overcome Them. We will talk to you about a few challenges you might face and how your removalists can work with you to overcome them. Our first challenge is weather:

1)It’s raining.

When you live in Melbourne, it’s impossible to predict a clear day. Rain can and will happen, but it doesn’t have to derail your move. Your removalists are experienced in how to handle rain. They will wrap and cover your belongings so they don’t get damaged in between the house and the truck and dress appropriately to work safely in wet conditions.

2) It’s hot

Summer temperatures can be brutal in Melbourne, especially when you’re spending the day lifting heavy furniture and packing boxes instead of relaxing on the beach in Brighton. It is important that you keep yourself cool and hydrated, but also consider how heat might change your removalists schedule. They also need to remain hydrated and may take short, hourly breaks instead of one longer break mid move. Your removalists are humans, not machines.

3) It’s Melbourne aka “It was cold this morning but then it got really hot and now it’s raining oh wait no that’s hail”

No matter what Melbourne weather throws at you on your moving day, your removalists have seen it (and moved in it) before. Talk to them about the best approach, precautions that should be taken and what they would recommend. Bring up concerns at the start or as the weather changes so that everyone is clear on what’s happening and how plans may change.

Don’t let Melbourne weather keep you from your new home! All you have to do is hire professional removalists- we know what we’re doing!

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