Packing and Unpacking

When you think of moving home or office, what happens? Are you filled with excitement, or are you dreading going through everything you own, packing it into boxes, moving it and then
unpacking it at the other end? Chances are, packing and unpacking aren’t things that fill you with excitement, but that’s where we come in! As professional Melbourne removalists we can provide the dedicated, thorough and experienced packing and unpacking staff to make your next home or office move an absolute breeze.

We’ll perform the hard work for you, and let you get on with what’s really important. We can unpack as little as a single room – and up to a whole home or office.

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Packing every individual room or item-wise detailing of objects may take ages and can be extremely time consuming, leaving you with no time to plan for the other important aspects of the move. There is also a big possibility of misplacing important items or packing them up in the wrong boxes, which could amount to problem of finding in later. It is also a stressful task to label each boxes as per their contents or as per their room, for instance all kitchenware needs to be assembled and packed in boxes marked for the kitchen, whereas, the objects from the study needs to be marked accordingly and it goes so on. It is extremely painstaking to pack and wrap every single object, especially the kitchen which consists of pots and pans, dishes, bowls, glassware, etc. of various shapes and sizes. Not just packing is a concern here, but also the factor that they all need to be packed in a way they do not break or are damaged during the course of the move. Now, this is where Move On Removals bring you the ‘pack and wrap’ services, which is not just a time-consuming task, but also needs extreme care, as there are expensive vases, kitchenware and show-pieces that needs extreme care in handling and protection during the course of the move.

Our pack and wrap specialists ensure that detailed item wise labelling is done for each individual boxes, who are in-house trained to handle the sensitive objects with utmost care and protection. Our pack and wrap experts also inform you beforehand how they would proceed with the labelling of fragile items, which are also well packed with fragile tapes that helps you to spot and place your glassware as well as your other valuable fragile items.

Pack and Wrap services commence mostly a day or two before the day of the actual move, primarily due to the fact that one needs to be well sorted and relaxed before the move so that one can plan as well as organize themselves for the big day. Also, it acts as a breather to our removalists, where they can well organize the boxes in a uniform manner inside the truck. This service not only saves your valuable time but also goes easy on your pocket, as the total time taken for the job completion becomes much lesser then for moves that are neither planned nor organized. Our pack and wrap experts are a team of young dynamic professionals who are very enthusiastic and dedicated towards their job, they not only save you from the hassle of packing, but also lets you focus on other things that needs to be taken into consideration before an office or a house move.

Call us to get your quotes today. With Move on Removals, the whole experience of removalists Melbourne has not only got easier but also affordable and secured. Our team and vehicles ensure that your possessions are taken well care of both on and off the moves, as our policy is to deliver the best to our clients.