Cheap Removalist Port Melbourne, Victoria

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Friday, September 21st, 2018

Melbourne is a city of tall buildings and it’s very difficult to relocate house or office in Melbourne without hiring the services of the professional removalist. People relocate their homes to minimize the cost of living or to enjoy better standards of living or for any other reason. While the management of the businesses relocate their offices because of different reasons which may include the growth of the business, to motivate their staff or to move in better location to enhance their business or brand image. But there are different costs associated with relocation including packing material and packing cost, delivery cost, cost of handling, unpacking and cleaning cost and may also some time include the cost of insurance and cost of the dam... Read More

Local Removalists in Melbourne

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Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

With great knowledge of market and experience of over 6000 plus houses we are too much familiar with all location in Melbourne, so wherever you would be telling us to move your goods we will give you elite services over there. We are based in Port Melbourne, so no job is out of our reach. We operate throughout all of Victoria, and are experienced in house and office removals. High class knowledge and successful previous records about movement in Melbourne, you can move with us anywhere in Melbourne without any worries Highly trained , successful and professionally leading team will assist you Team is fully devoted, responsible and punctual. Our furniture removalists are trained in-house, an... Read More


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Monday, August 27th, 2018

"Since 2012, MOVE ON REMOVALS has relocated and provided its loyal and happy customers with the very best in Packing, Moving and Storage services as well as the most competitive fully insured, GST inclusive rates and second to none customer service. Offering a range of truck sizes and packing materials, flexibility and door to door rates, MOVE ON REMOVALS is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your moving needs, and proudly maintains a strong arsenal of proficiently trained drivers, wrappers and movers with many years of experience to their names. Whether you’re moving furniture, fragile glassware or valuable artwork, there is nothing our team cannot handle with care. We NEV... Read More

Professional Movers and Packers in Melbourne

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Monday, August 13th, 2018

We all love our homes and love improving them as much as we can but sometimes they just fail to provide what we need from a home and we have to think about moving. Your home may be a small apartment and you are planning to start a family; you may have been offered a great new promotion in another town or city (lucky you) too far away from your current place to commute. You may need to move to be near a good school for your children or you may simply be in the fortunate position of being able to buy a bigger, better house. Being professional movers and packers organization in Melbourne, apart from quick removals we also specialize in packing services which holds a great importance to your move as each of your in... Read More

Furniture Removalists Melbourne

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Monday, August 6th, 2018

Moving house is a difficult process. Packing up everything you own in an organized and thorough manner is difficult for even the most experienced furniture removalists Melbourne. Using a furniture removalists service can help you make sure your stuff is packed correctly and organized to be moved, however your most important items are often the ones that are forgotten because they’re the items you set aside to manage yourself. If you are looking for committed and professional movers in Melbourne, look no further than Move On Removals. We are a highly-experienced team of Melbourne furniture removalists in Melbourne who have helped move over 10,000+ local households. And did we mention we are 5 star rated company? Call us to... Read More

Best Removalist Melbourne

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Monday, April 23rd, 2018

With a complete hand from Move On Removals, moving your premises is not tough or a challenge anymore. Whether it’s an office relocation or a House moving in Melbourne, all you need is to contact our removalists Melbourne at 03 9636 3299. Just let us know what services you need from packing, moving and cleaning; our expert House moving team will ensure that you are well taken care. When it’s time to move your place, our expert House Removalists will arrive on the exact time of booking to pack and move. We even do end of lease cleaning and unpack your new home. We at Move On Removals discuss all aspects of your house removal needs, this will include our packaging services and moving insurance(s). With y... Read More

Packing For Your Move

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Thursday, March 9th, 2017

  To pack, or not to pack, that is the question. So you’re moving soon and you start looking through your stuff, trying to make a packing plan. As you try to make some sort of sense out of it, you realise you’re coming up with more questions than answers: Will this fit in a box? Do I bubble wrap it? How many boxes will I need? What’s a port-a-robe? Why are these boxes at Bunnings so expensive? Our best advice when any moving confusion arises: Call us. We have all the answers! You have two options for packing your home, do it yourself or have us do it through our ... Read More

Moving Day Challenges & How to Overcome Them: Weather

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Monday, November 28th, 2016

It’s raining cats and… moving boxes? Moving is a complicated process. There’s a lot to manage and a lot to remember, and no matter how prepared you are leading up to moving day, there is still a lot of work to fit in on the day, and a lot of ways that your plan can get derailed. Now, don’t panic. Just because an issue comes up, doesn’t mean it can’t be handled. If you have chosen the right removals team, they can be an important source of strength for you to rely on. In the midsts of your lists and plans, remember that removalists handle multiple moves every day. No matter what challenge you’re facing, they’ve seen it before and they can help you  fin... Read More