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Dependable Removalist in Coolaroo, Victoria

Moving to a new home is a very demanding experience. Besides packing everything you own, there is a lot of driving involved with moving all your possessions, especially if you are travelling back and forth to Coolaroo. Why put yourself through all that hassle alone when there is a better and more efficient option available?

Move On Removals are Victoria’s leading removalist company, and we can assist you with all of your moving needs. We take pride in our professional and beneficial service that has made moving to a new home far easier. We have helped many satisfied customers move to Coolaroo and elsewhere in Victoria, and we can do the same for you as well.

What our furniture removals service can do for you

Move On Removals train our removalist specialists to perform our work correctly and quickly to save you a significant amount of hassle. Our furniture removals service is structured to move heavy objects such as couches, wardrobes, beds, tables, desks, cabinets, or anything else that can be dangerous if lifted and handled incorrectly.

Our removalist experts will drive our reliable and regularly serviced moving trucks that are fitted with hydraulic lifts to safely lift your heavy furniture. Although your possessions are covered by the $10 million in insurance that we carry, all precautions will be taken to prevent your belongings from being damaged while the truck is on the road to Coolaroo.

On-Site Assessments

Do you need a truck to move your possessions to your new home in Coolaroo? Our removalist team can conduct an on-site assessment to help you select the type of truck you will require to optimise your move and save you money.

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