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    Are you searching for professional Removals Dandenong you can rely on? While you may find someone with a truck at what seems like a bargain price, can they pack and deliver your stuff in a safe, secure and efficient manner?

    Our best removalists Dandenong at Move on removals deliver you the finest service unscathed.


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    • Packaging Delivery
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    • Moving Services
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    Why Move on Removalists in Melbourne?

    We ensure Safety

    Assume this scenario. You could be relaxing on your chair focusing on the present. But, instead, you are sobbing over the china plate that broke during transit because the driver was driving too fast. Move on removalists in Melbourne assure that this and or any other unsafe scenario never takes place. From packing to delivering your items we guarantee complete safety.

    We carefully load your possessions ensuring no harm undergoes the process, to wherever you want it delivered.


    Moving can become stressful if you suddenly realize you are out of packings, bubble wraps or tapes. Move on provides convenience so you never run out of packing and supplies. All you need to do is notify us of your needs ahead of your moving date, so everything is prepared and ready to roll, and on-time.

    Professional Packing

    A Moving house can seem messed up which could naturally induce stress in you. Something you should stay away from when packing delicate items because it can result in damages, not ignoring the expenses.

    We offer skilled and experienced packing staff who know what they’re doing, ensuring safe packing.

    We also offer in-transit damage insurance and storage options!



    More about Move on Removals

    In addition to utilising a diverse truck fleet (two tonne to 12 tonne), we also offer pre-removal advice and pack and wrap services. Before we even start the process of packing your things, our team will discuss the plan and make sure that everything is organised to your satisfaction.

    If you are not sure about what is typically required for furniture removals in Dandenong, we can help. We often find that there are simple tips that you can follow to prepare for an efficient and smart move. To learn more, have a chat with our removalists in Dandenong today.

    Office and Other Commercial Removals in Dandenong

    We also assist with office removals. Need to relocate desks, chairs, cabinet, photocopiers and other work-related equipment? Move On Removals have the fleet and the expertise to manage your commercial removals in Dandenong without a fuss. Simply give us a call on 1300 MOVE On and we will assess your project needs and recommend the best course of action for your business.

    Why deal with Move On Removals?

    • Affordable moving services without any hidden fee
    • 100% insured removals
    • Furniture and piano removals
    • Affordable packing supplies
    • Friendly and courteous customer service
    • Moving trucks and vans of different sizes
    • Free moving quotes and estimates

    Office furniture removalists in Dandenong

    Move on removals Dandenong offers experienced and skilled staff that help you in dismantling and assembling desks or other office furniture. All your furniture will be professionally packed and placed in the truck. Our professional movers also aim to reduce the downtime of your business, so your new office quickly set up and prepared earnestly.

    House furniture removalists Dandenong

    Move on removals has best professional local service which comes with the cost-effective feature. No matter what you want to relocate, be it pool table, pianos or any other valuable item, our equipped vehicles and the trained team ensures your furniture is padded, wrapped ,and protected and transferred to your new location with utmost safety.

    To make sure that your home stays in its finest state and protected from harm, all the exposed items, including doors, routing walls, stairs and even lifts will be well protected and covered.

    At Move On Removals, you can be assured that you are dealing with experienced professionals who have access to the equipment you need to get the job done properly. For the best Dandenong removalists, get in touch with our team today.

    Contact Our Removalists in Melbourne

    Move On Removals provides a range of removal services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Call today on (03) 9636 3299 to request a quote. Get in touch with us for the best furniture removals in Dandenong. We also offer on-site assessments and pre-moving advice to give you the best value for an organised and efficient removal service.

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