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    Dependable Removalists in Rye, Melbourne

    Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, Rye is one the state’s most popular beachside towns. Those looking to relax head to the world-famous Peninsula Hot Springs; those looking for adventure travel to the Gunnamatta Trail Rides facility, where you can experience the sun going down at St Andrews Beach while horseback; and those looking for beachside fun have a range of options to choose from, the most popular of which is the Rye Ocean Beach, a magnificent four-kilometre stretch of exposed sandy coast.

    Rye is a 15-minute drive to Sorrento, which is abuzz during the summer months as beach-loving tourists spend their nights in the many restaurants and drinking spots you find on Ocean Beach Road. Once in Sorrento, the art-deco Peninsula Cinemas Sorrento is a welcome retreat for those looking to put their feet up after a day of swimming, kitesurfing, or fishing.

    The Mornington Peninsula is one of the most desirable destinations in the nation, and if you want to move to Rye then our team of moving professionals can make that dream a reality. Rye is 98 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, but don’t let the stress of moving all your furniture to the seaside town distract you. Move On Removals will do the heavy lifting for you.

    What Our Removals Service Can Do for You

    Our removalists have many years of experience in relocating equipment and heavy loads, making them the number one choice in Rye for moving to another part of Melbourne. The moving process will be made much easier through us, meaning you will be able to settle into your new home in a quick and timely manner.

    Our qualified removalists use specialised moving equipment to securely store your furniture, boxes, and other belongings in a reliable moving truck that will ensure that your items will not move around by themselves while the truck is driving towards your new location. In the unlikely event anything is damaged, your items will be replaced by our insurance policy at no extra coast to you.

    Office Removals in Rye

    Is your business relocating to a new building in Rye? Our company is available to help various commercial enterprises to transfer everything they need to work to their new building. Our removalists are experienced with shifting heavy duty furniture for businesses, hauling big items such as desks, chairs, shelves, and much more. Our team’s efficient furniture removals service will ensure that your business will be operating again in no time.

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    Moving all your belongings does not have to be arduous; let us take care of the hard work. Call 1300 MOVE ON to get an obligation-free quote and arrange a time with a team of moving professionals who care.