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    durable packaging materials


    Proper organization and management are necessary for a successful move; therefore, hire the best Removalists in Melbourne to manage everything. When it comes to packing, you will need the right Packaging Materials. You can decrease your stress by relying on Move On Removals for most durable and best packaging supplies available.

    Our Packaging Materials and Services

    • Our packaging materials come at affordable prices
    • Small boxes are also available to pack heavy items and books
    • Medium boxes to pack small appliances, toys and kitchenware
    • Large boxes for light and large items, linen and clothes
    • Picture cartons for frames and paintings
    • Tiny boxes for keys, TV remotes and other odds
    • Packing paper to wrap fragile items
    • Stuffing gaps for boxes to avoid movement
    • Bubble wraps to offer additional padding on fragile items
    • Strong and wide tape to seal a box
    • Permanent marker to label boxes
    • Moving boxes
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Boxes for moving
    • Boxes for sale

    Whether you want to move a house or a company, you can hire Move on Removals to deal with different intricacies of moving. We will help you to arrange essential Packing Boxes. After evaluating your stuff, we will provide you with the right packaging materials. Learn about types, alternatives and costs available with the best removalists in VIC.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much packaging materials cost?

    Packing materials Melbourne come in various sizes and shapes, and their prices vary according to size and shape. These materials’ prices can be affected by their availability and quality too. You may get a chance to save money by shopping in bulk.

    Q: What are the common packaging materials?

    It is essential to pack your belongings properly. There are a number of packaging materials that are excellent for keeping your items safe. With our best packing paper, you can wrap small things or crumple up your products as padding. Packaging materials also includes moving boxes, packing boxes, Cardboard boxes and boxes for moving.

    Q: Do you have padding to protect our items?

    Shrink, or plastic wrap may not add a layer of protection. You can protect your valuable possessions with bubble wrap from Professional Move on Removals in Melbourne. It is excellent to prevent things from excessive moving. They keep dirt and dust away from your valuable items.

    Q: How do you protect our furniture from scratches?

    We offer affordable furniture packaging materials, including moving blankets to protect your large items, such as appliances and furniture. These blankets will completely cover your furniture and will protect your furniture from dents and scratches.

    Q: What is your policy about packing labels?

    Labels are essential to managing post-move sanity. With a label in place, it will be easy for us to handle the unpacking and unloading procedure. We use at least two tags for each box to identify its contents and final resting place in the new home.

    Move on Removals will help you to transfer your valuables to a new company or home. Hire our packing, unpacking and wrapping services to make your move smooth. With our assistance, your possessions will arrive safely at your destination.

    Durable Packaging Materials

    Moving homes and offices need exceptional organizational skills and Packaging Supplies. Make sure to have sufficient boxes and packaging material to manage all of your items. At Move On Removals, we will insure your belongings. Our packaging materials include cartons and adhesive tapes, blankets, shrink-wrap, bubble-wrap and other protective fillings.

    How do we protect your goods?

    Our team protects your goods during transit until they arrive at their new location. Let us help you choose the right storage and packing options. The packing inventory includes boxes, mattress covers, wrapping papers, bubble wraps, sticky tapes, etc.

    We recommend our clients to choose from our packing materials as we use quality products and charge the right prices for all our clients. You can rely on us to guide you in selecting the right products to minimize wastage and avoid wasting money on unnecessary packaging materials.

    We have encountered numerous situations when improper packaging has delayed the whole process of moving as it is not just difficult to move your objects when they are wrongly packed.

    Still, it also becomes a concern of their safe handling during the move as they need to be organized well in the trucks so that no damage occurs in travel from one address to the other.

    Assess Your Packaging Needs

    Move On Removals also enables you to assess how much packing materials you would need based on the size and requirement of your office/ house, for which you can call for our free on-site assessment service once you book your move with Move On Removals.

    With this service, you would have a clear idea of the exact number of packing supplies you may need during the packing. However, if you are left with any supplies, we will take them back, and you shall not be charged for the same.

    Packaging Services (Highly Recommended)

    Move On Removals recommends all its clients avail of our packing and moving services. We understand your moving needs and offer a complete range of moving services in Melbourne. With our experienced staff and durable moving supplies, your relocation will be a smooth process.

    Share Your Concerns with Move On Removals

    Feel free to communicate your concerns or issues regarding your move. This way, we can suggest the best options for you per your schedule and your pocket. Call us today to avail yourself of our packing materials and house or /office moving services in Melbourne.

    Have a question about Moving in Melbourne? Need advice about which of our house removal packages would best suit your move? Our booking consultants are on hand to answer all your queries. Call us on 13 MOVE ON or Email us at  [email protected]