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Fear of Moving Out

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Moving house can be scary. Finding a new place, selling the old one and moving the entire contents of your home (whether human, animal or furniture) is a lot to manage.

While unfortunately we can’t do anything about the housing market, we can offer you some advice on easing the anxiety that comes with any decision to move.

Deciding to move is the first step. Think of it as an adventure—a new home in which to make new memories. If you’ve been feeling stuck or like you’ve outgrown your current place, then its time to make a fresh start. Need some inspiration to convince you? Check out listings online to see some great spaces that are available, or search almost anything on Pinterest for home décor ideas that will have you eager for a new space!

Once you have committed to your move, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about all the things that need to be organised for your move. Take a deep breath. Now, make a list of everything you need to do. Contact utilities companies, book your removalists, and assess the contents of your house. For complete, detailed lists, again do a search on Pinterest; there are hundreds of checklists to choose from in a variety of cute, yet functional styles.

Now here is a tip that can take half of the stress out of moving: Let your removalists do the packing for you! Underestimating the amount of stuff you have in your house is the most common mistake when moving. Your removalists are experienced house packers and have done thousands of moves. Why spend days packing when someone else can do it for you?

Moving can be scary, but with a little planning and some help from professional removalists, you’ll feel at home in your new place in no time!

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