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    Best Furniture Removalists Melbourne

    Move On Removals is Best Furniture Removalists Melbourne continuing to work through these questionable times.  We strive on maintaining our premium Removal and Packing Services.

    Moving houses can be a stressful time.  We usually get family and friends together to help lift the load.  Unfortunately through this pandemic we can’t resort to help of others besides removalists. In Melbourne our business is classed as an Essential service and our business is covid compliant. We take all the necessary precautions to provide our Professional Removals Team & you the best possible quality service & safety.

    The premium service we provide includes many vehicles ranging from a 2 Tonne Van up to a 12 Tonne Trucks that are fully stocked with the right moving tools & equipment to safely transport your belongings to the required location. We cater for oversized deliveries to Apartments and five-Bedroom Houses & mansions, our furniture removal company handle all belongings with care.

    Premium Packing & Material Supplies service starts with two professional and experienced packers that will come into your home or office and completely pack all your belongings.  Room by room they will pack everything and label all boxes.


    Next steps needed is to book our removalists to come in and start the removals, packing and loading all boxes and furniture and into the removals truck required for your move.

    The moving team will then drive to your new home or office and unload all your belongings and items on time, into the designated rooms.

    To take things to an even higher service, we can then send in our packing team to unpack all your belongings. Many clients like the idea of hassle free packing and moving and some opt for full packing unpacking service while ours request partial packing.

    So by the end of the day you can be into your new home with everything in its place.

    Its as simple as calling our friendly office staff or heading to our website to do an online enquiry and someone will endeavour to contact you within a timely manner to cater to your needs of your house or office move and provide you a quick quote.  Or if your just having some renovations done, we can have some of our removal team come in to move furniture for you.

    Our company is a certified removal company with years of experience in house moves and office relocations almost a decade. Over the years we have continued to maintain a premium service in the furniture removal for household and office belongings to ensure that our customers are left happy.

    You can be rest assured that we’re one of the best companies for you to choose in Melbourne Victoria because we have a number of people who have used our services and who have had a great experience in doing so. Our Google reviews and word of mouth reviews prove this through our customers testimonies and reviews. This is why we’re confident that we are the best in Melbourne Movers in the removal industry and packing service and can take care of all your needs!

    We specialise in house moves ranging from a big townhouse duplexs to a small apartment/unit. We also handle office relocations quickly and in a reliable manner so your working production time doesn’t go to waste. With our strong customer-focused staff, we always strive to ensure that you get the best service delivered whilst you enjoy your new home or office.

    Although we specialise in house moves in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs, our Expert Movers & packing team are certified and able to assist with almost any type of domestic or commercial object removal, delivery or transfer. If you have a huge amount of furniture and you’re not sure if your belongings will fit in small spaces, we’ll find a way to make sure you’re taken care of. Weather we use our storage facilities or transport them to a family or friend for you.  We will have it all sorted for you.

    The options are endless, no questions will be unanswered with our fantastic friendly local Melbourne team of professionals. We offer Superior Customer Service this is backed up by our Service Excellence Awards and our quality care in being Melbourne most professional removalists.

    Melbourne House Movers – Moving Experience in Lockdown

    One more week of quietness in Melbourne post Lockdown on Businesses. Removalists in Melbourne have suffered a lot due to uncertainty from the recent Carona- virus Outbreak House Moving can be challenging itself but with the restrictions it’s nearly impossible to keep going with the trend of Moving houses in Melbourne. Move On Removals have initiated a discount of 10% for anyone who has faced struggle with their businesses; also 10% discounts for frontline workers.
    Move On Removals has been providing full Packing and Moving services in Melbourne for people who are stuck overseas. All our House Packing Specialists will go to their respective homes a day prior to Moving Furnitures; we’ll move all your belongings to either your storage or into our storage. Our office can help you to determine storage sizes, if needed we can recommend cleaners who can help with End of Lease cleaning so everything from A to B is taken care of in the best possible way.

    All our Furniture Removalists in Melbourne are well trained within the industry and we will provide you with additional support to dismantle and reassemble your items. We carry our own tools and take that extra care to your furniture that needs little extra care. Our House Packers brings all your packaging needs so the job can be easily and efficiently completed. If you think your House Moving is a nightmare then feel free to ask as many questions that will make your House Move in Melbourne a better experience than the rest of the Moving Companies in Melbourne.

    Move On Removals has the reputation to work with real estate agents, designers for selling houses etc; we endeavour to provide Melbournians the Best Moving Services in town & those removalists reviews can be viewed online – Google, Word of Mouth, Yellow Pages, Bing etc etc.
    We can also come to your 3+ bedroom houses to provide you with the most cost effective Moving Quote & these House Moving Quotes will help any individual to organise their house packing as per top company standards; also out tranined Packing Specialists help you to organise all your bits and bobs into our boxed labelled for the Best Moving Experience on the following day. Let’s make moving an experience not a headache. Move On Removal’s Removalists in Melbourne are known for their best work in business over 8 years with over 14,000 moves with over 40 employees that are trained and hired by the company.

    Important COVID-19 Update and How It Effects Your Move

    Are you dreading the thought of moving houses or offices? Look no further! We can take the stress out of it all for you and your family.  Everyone these days relies on the internet to find out about a company.  If you look us up you will see that we pride ourselves on being a premium packing and removalists company.  Our friendly and dedicated staff can do it all for you.  No move is too big or too small.  We can move a single item for you or move your 5 bedroom home. 

    We are here to help relieve all the stress as much as possible.  It all starts with the first point  of contact which is our friendly and understanding customer service team.  Our house and office removalists and packing team are not only experienced within our company, they are also fully compliant with the health and safety regulations in place during this time.  As we are part of the Transport and Logistics sector, we are an essential service so we can continue to provide packing and moving services.

    We have comprehensive packing services. We will safely and securely wrap all your delicate belongings in our  paper wrap and bubble wrap and box and label your belongings from room to room with our highly qualified and experienced packing staff. Our qualified team can provide you with a quote on the cost of your packing requirements, which is completely dependent on the size of your move.  Our team of packers in Melbourne provide the best care and high attention to detail for your belongings and all our packing materials are brand new and onboard before arriving at your property with our premium packers.  Once the packing is complete they will only charge you for the time taken to pack and for the packing materials that they use.  Or if you’re looking at cutting costs then you can purchase your own packing materials and our team can use them for you.

    Once the packing service is complete.  We will send in our premium house removalists team.  Our guys are not subcontracted.  They are fully trained and employed by our company and they have a strong dedication to our company and pride themselves on being premium removalists.  Our removal team will come in and safely shrink wrap all your belongings to protect them during transit.  Then they will load up all your boxed belongings and furniture.  Then it will be safely transported to your new home. 

    Moving house or office is definitely a stressful time especially during this pandemic, rest assured we are here to help.

    Important COVID-19 Update and How It Effects Your Move

    At Move On Removals, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our valued customers and staff.
    These measures include:

    *  All customers must maintain the distance of 1.5m or more, and wear a mask and where possible gloves.

    * Only one person per household to be on site during the move.

    * If you or anybody in your household suspects they have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone that has tested positive, you are obligated to inform us. You must also inform us if you have been on a cruise or overseas in the last 14 days.

    * Maintaining safe hygiene practices such as hand washing
    * Safe distancing
    * Taking the temperature of staff before and after they start their shifts
    * Sanitising our trucks daily
    * Wiping down surfaces
    * We have NEVER used sub contractors, so we know our staff 
    You can help us to Stop The Spread by maintaining safe distance from the movers, minimising the number of persons in the house during the move, and wiping down any surfaces in your home that you are able to safely.
    We want everyone to remain safe in these troubling times, and wish you all continued health.

    Unpacking and Organizing Your New Home

    After moving into a new dorm, home or apartment, you have to deal with unpacking and organizing. For unpacking, there will be lots of responsibilities, such as unpacking of plenty of boxes. No doubt, a team of House Removalists Melbourne can help you in unpacking. Here are some tips that will help you to unpack your new home and organize it.

    Start Unpacking Soon
    After moving to a new house, you will feel tired and want to relax for some time. It may be tempting to leave these boxes around your home and relax. Remember, it is not a good approach. You can start unpacking slowly, such as unpack some items daily.
    Set a particular deadline to unpack all the boxes. For instance, you can unpack a studio apartment in 1 to 2 weeks. Moreover, a home may take 1 to 2 months to unpack completely.

    Set Objectives for Each Room
    You can assign different objectives to each room to organize your home. The best removalists Melbourne may make your work easy. Start your work by writing down different rooms. You can categorize rooms as basement, hallways, bathroom, storage areas and pantries.
    It is essential to write the purpose of each room, along with the details of furniture for each room. Set a schedule for unpacking according to your priority. For instance, you can start unpacking with bedrooms of children and nursery. It is easy to unpack nurseries and kids room.

    Manage Electrics and Cords
    If you are not ready to manage this task soon, you have to avoid a tangled mess. Select a suitable location for cords to store them. A basket or a drawer may help you to protect your cords. Wrap all the cords securely to avoid a tangled mess.
    Avoid plugging lots of cords at a place because it can be dangerous. You can buy a cord control kit to manage several cords.

    Start with Large Items
    You will need a solid foundation for your belongings. Start with large items, such as dressers, armories, tables, beds and furniture. It is essential to move everything to its respected place. Small items may sit above large items, such as books, sundries, clothing and bedclothes.

    Prepare Entryway
    The entryway is a vital thing in your home. You have to spend maximum time at this place. If you fail to set up your entryway, you will see a pile of jackets, hats and shoes. For this reason, install hooks on your entryway. It is necessary for hats, keys, jackets and dog leashes.

    Functional Unpacking
    You have to unpack functional items before dealing with decorations. Carefully deal with the basics of unpacking to manage bathing, sleeping and eating. For this reason, unpack your bath, bedroom and kitchen first.
    After dealing with functional items, you can focus on accessorizing, featuring and decorating the remaining items in your nest. If you want to wash linens, carefully separate linens of each room. It will decrease your clutter and save time.

    Things to Learn about Moving During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Moving from one place to another can be a challenging task. You have to deal with packing, unpacking, organizing, and several other jobs. To make things easy, you can hire professional packers and movers Melbourne.
    During coronavirus pandemic, you may feel anxious about moving from one place to another. You have to find out how to stay healthy and safe during this intense procedure. For your assistance, here are some tips for moving easily during coronavirus pandemic.

    Is it essential to move?
    Before planning a move, you have to find out if it is essential to move. Sometimes, moving dates may not be flexible. If your lease is ending, it becomes essential to relocate. You will need access to important services that need relocation.
    States and cities across the nation have ordered a temporary closure of some non-essential businesses. In this situation, moving becomes essential. Several moving service providers are working in different states.
    Remember, the closure of non-essential companies is becoming critical. These companies may not get any flexibility in the moving date. For this reason, you have to find out reliable moving services.
    Nowadays, Moving House Melbourne Removalists are working during this pandemic. It is essential to do your research to select the best moving company. Carefully check the COVID-19 policy of your selected moving company.

    Move with Caution
    During this global pandemic, you have to be extremely careful. You will need the best packers and movers Melbourne that work with all SOPs. It is vital to move attentively. Use personal protective equipment and sanitizers.
    You have to focus on the protection of your children, spouse, and other family members. Make sure to avoid handshakes with movers. Crew members should sanitize their hands and come with their supply of gloves and face masks.

    Investigate Their Protocols
    Before hiring any moving company, you have to find out changes in their protocol after coronavirus pandemic. It is crucial to find out how frequently they are checking the health of crew members. They need supplies, such as hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks.
    Keep an eye on the symptoms of coronavirus, such as temperature and coughing. If any member of their team shows these symptoms, you should not allow them in your home. Make sure to communicate openly with a moving company to check its transparency.

    Stay Away from Paperwork
    In the past, moving companies involve lots of paperwork. Nowadays, you should stay away from these formalities. Try to complete all tasks virtually to avoid contact with the virus. Make sure to prefer virtual surveys to avoid the coronavirus.

    Settlement for Unpacking Procedure
    Usually, packers and movers Melbourne take responsibility for unpacking your belongings. Now you may not get this facility. You have to manage the unpacking procedure. For unpacking, you have to wipe down the top of the box and cut it to open tapes.
    Nowadays, companies deliver shipments in garages where customers can unpack their items. It will help them to avoid exposure to coronavirus.

    Premium House Moving Melbourne

    Move On Removals has a reputation for being a company with Premium house packing service in Melbourne. Not only do we provide the best packers but we also provide residential and commercial removalists and packers.

    We have comprehensive packing services. We will paper wrap and bubble wrap and box and label your belongings room by room with our highly qualified and experienced packing staff. Our qualified customer service consultants can provide you with an indicative cost on your packing requirements, which is completely dependent on the size of your move. Our team of packers in Melbourne provide the best care for your belongings and all our packing materials are brand new and onboard with our best packers when they arrive, you only pay for the items they use.

    Our house packing service can take the stress out of moving. The full packing service provides you with our best packing team. They will arrive with all packing materials that are needed to pack your home. Once your home is packed and ready to move then our house removalists Melbourne team can come and relocate all your belongings to your new location.

    With your busy lifestyle, it’s recommended that you get professional packers to get out of the tedious packing. All our professional packers will make it faster packing with just a minimum of 3 hours with 2 professional females. For any customer reviews you can check our 5 star feedback on Google or Word of Mouth. We rely on word of mouth so next time it will be you to give us the 100% five stars.

    Moving can be quite difficult but having the right people at the right time makes it easier for you to move your precious belongings without getting a scratch on your furniture. Furniture movers are completely trained and they will dismantle and reassemble your furniture while moving from your old to your places. All the contents are fully insured. Removalists make sure that everything is stacked and wrapped properly to avoid any kind of damages. We include shrink wraps in your hourly cost and that helps our movers to comply with our No Breaking Policy. We have been regularly updating our moving standards due to WHS and health regulatory obligations.

    Move On Removals is one of the only moving companies that follows all the house moving guidelines and customers comes first due to the nature of the moving business.

    All our customer service is transparent and helpful and we like to communicate via emails so we remain black and while in our professionalism.

    Take the stress and hassle out of moving and get a premium service with a reputable company for House Removalists Melbourne.

    Move On Removals, your most trusted furniture moving company which was established in 2012 and now we have completed moving over 10,000 residential, offices and warehouses. There are over 200 house removalists companies in Melbourne and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Move On Removals expertise in house packing in Melbourne and house moving all over Victoria. All our removalists follow very strict company guidelines and WHS policies. Being a removalist in Melbourne is not an easy task but we are determined to make changes every time we have to deal with challenges like tight staircases, bad access, city parking etc.

    In these tough times we have been making it a bit easier for you to choose us by not charging you fuel, depot or travel costs. All our jobs are door to door and that helps you to save money. House moving needs a lot of preparation on or before a job; all out trained removalists will help you with their professional house moving approach being in this industry for over 8 years.

    We are also known to be one of the most preferred commercial removalists in Melbourne, we can advise you tailored strategies to move your offices with a 3 stage process – packaging supplies, office packing team to get everything from A to B organised for the office movers to get everything from pick up to drop off locations. Move On Removals is the only company in Melbourne that allows you to meet Movers and the consultants face to face prior to your Moving job. Due to Covid 19 we have been easing the cost for health professionals so they can move their home without any worry.

    Please feel free to call us as we are here for changing your moving experience. We are here to create homes for you. All our removalists will dismantle and reassemble your beds and will also help you with your washing machine and television connections. We are Melbourne’s 360 degree movers, one company and we all do it for you.

    House and Commercial Moving Company Based out of Melbourne

    Move on Removals is a house and commercial moving company based out of Melbourne. With our professional and dedicated team of removalists, we bring you a fleet of safety and reliable trucks that vary from a size of 2 to 12 tonne.

    We ensure, we cover all your needs for a successful and a hassle-free move that includes: –

    • Packing Order
    • Packing Delivery
    • On Site Assessment
    • Packing & Wrapping
    • Moving Service
    • Unpacking.


    Move on Removals is a one stop house/office moving company. Our end to end moving solutions help you prepare your moving needs be it a house, office or any commercial needs. We are the only professional movers & packers that undertakes all your pack & wrap services, furniture moving, house & office moves and also storage facilities.

    At Move on Removals, your move is of prime importance to us as we understand the finer details involved during every move, and each move has its own needs and demands. We hire and train the best professionals in the industry who not only makes your move easy but also an organized one. To help your move go through smoothly, we bring out the following services: –

    • Packing and unpacking at old and new locations
    • Smooth, safe delivery
    • On-site assessment for quotes
    • Supply of bubble wrap and heavy-duty storage boxes
    • Full public liability and transit insurance for your peace of mind
    When you are booked with Move on Removals, we take care of all your moving needs just as you would like us to. From houses to offices, all our operations are directed towards making the move comfortable to our customers.

    A 5-Star Melbourne Moving Company

    You are unlikely to find a team that is more committed, enthusiastic and helpful furniture removalists than those at Move on Removals. From the moment you hire our movers, you can be assured that the entire team is working to ensure your move is as stress-free one.
    What’s more? When you book our professional services, you will know your belongings are in safe and experienced hands. Since the commencing of our operations in July 2012, we have moved more than 6,000 households, offices and single-item deliveries. Our 5-star removalists are highly experienced and intensively trained. We are also insured with both Public Liability and Transit Insurance.
    Check out our blog for free informative articles that contains everything you need to know about furniture removals in Melbourne. We also offer a free download of a house moving checklist, specifically designed by our furniture removals team to make moving as simple and quick as possible.

    Organise an On-Site Assessment and Quote Today
    Need advice about which of our moving services package would best suit your move, or want to arrange a free, no-obligation on-site quotation with our movers in Melbourne? Our booking consultants are at your service to answer all your queries. For quick removals and stress-free home or business relocations, call the leading removal company in Melbourne on 1300 MOVE ON or email us at


    On-Site Assessment

    Often when you are moving home or office it can be a stressful job to wonder what you need and what to prepare for. If you are facing these uncertainties, don’t go about it alone and risk under-planning or over-committing, we will arrange one of our moving experts to come to your home or office and do an assessment. Our highly experienced staff are able to provide with expert guidance that you need in order to best understand what is required for your move.
    Get in touch today and save yourself the hassle of uncertainty when you move.

    House Removals in Melbourne

    When you are heading to a new home in Melbourne, there is a lot to consider. After all, there is a reason why moving houses is said to be one of the most stressful time in a person’s life or for an entire family. It is therefore important to choose a house removalist in Melbourne that you can trust and ensure that you do not have to worry about your belongings from being damaged. At Move on Removals, our experienced home removalists have the necessary know-how and equipment to ensure your next move is smooth and stress-free.

    Furniture Removals in Melbourne

    It is a well-known fact that moving home or office can be incredibly stressful, and perhaps the most difficult aspect of all is moving furniture. It can be of immense stress to think about how you will be able to get a double bed downstairs, let alone set up again at the new property. Fortunately, the team at Move on Removals are experts when it comes to local furniture removals. Whether you need help moving furniture in Melbourne for a home or workplace, we are a number one choice.

    Why Choose Professional Furniture Removalists?

    When you need to move houses or offices, it is impossible to fit all your furniture in personal car or van. Therefore, the only a few options available are hiring your own truck or turning to professional furniture movers in Melbourne. It is common to think that hiring a truck themselves will save costs on labour, the money saved is often not worth the time wasted and the stress caused. On the other hand, hiring a complete furniture removalist service in Melbourne removes all pressure from you. We do all the manual labour and provide the trucks so you can sit back and watch us set up your new home or office.

    Local Removalists in Melbourne

    With great knowledge of market and experience of over 6000 plus houses we are too much familiar with all location in Melbourne, so wherever you would be telling us to move your goods we will give you elite services over there. We are based in Port Melbourne, so no job is out of our reach. We operate throughout all of Victoria, and are experienced in house and office removals.

    • High class knowledge and successful previous records about movement in Melbourne, you can move with us anywhere in Melbourne without any worries
    • Highly trained , successful and professionally leading team will assist you
    • Team is fully devoted, responsible and punctual. Our furniture removalists are trained in-house, and can help you more than an ordinary removalist. Our removalists can also help before the move, with your packing, wrapping and unpacking needs, to ensure it is efficient and stress-free.
    • Team consist of removalists from local areas so that they could give you with the best services
    • Extensive range of boxes would be made available for your items
    • Your valuables and goods would be fixed in our specially designed boxes and containers
    • provide you with advance system of packing and wrapping, with high quality packing material and boxes
    • We will provide you totally customised services that would be satisfying to you.
    • We will adjust your furniture safely in our containers to keep it safe throughout your move locally in Melbourne and suburbs.


    Our storage facility is unique, secure and affordable; if you do not have enough storage in your new location and you are stressful and worried about your household or office equipments, you can store your items in our storage facility. Move on Removals have been moving homes for around a decade and understand that all of House removalists Melbourne clients have different requirements.

    • We will provide you warehouse storage facility to keep your items in secure place
    • Our warehouses are designed in such modern way that your furniture or other item would never be damaged with mild and dust etc
    • We will provide you dry and well lit area which is the perfect solution for short or long term storage of your items.
    • Our warehouses are completely insured so don’t be worried about risk of damage or fire etc
    • You could be able to access your assets during hours

    Moving Day Challenges & How to Overcome Them: Weather

    It’s raining cats and… moving boxes?

    Moving is a complicated process. There’s a lot to manage and a lot to remember, and no matter how prepared you are leading up to moving day, there is still a lot of work to fit in on the day, and a lot of ways that your plan can get derailed.

    Now, don’t panic. Just because an issue comes up, doesn’t mean it can’t be handled. If you have chosen the right removals team, they can be an important source of strength for you to rely on. In the midsts of your lists and plans, remember that removalists handle multiple moves every day. No matter what challenge you’re facing, they’ve seen it before and they can help you  find your solution.

    The Move On Removals Blog is here to help with a new series: Moving Day Challenges and How to Overcome Them. We will talk to you about a few challenges you might face and how your removalists can work with you to overcome them. Our first challenge is weather:

    1)It’s raining.

    When you live in Melbourne, it’s impossible to predict a clear day. Rain can and will happen, but it doesn’t have to derail your move. Your removalists are experienced in how to handle rain. They will wrap and cover your belongings so they don’t get damaged in between the house and the truck and dress appropriately to work safely in wet conditions.

    2) It’s hot

    Summer temperatures can be brutal in Melbourne, especially when you’re spending the day lifting heavy furniture and packing boxes instead of relaxing on the beach in Brighton. It is important that you keep yourself cool and hydrated, but also consider how heat might change your removalists schedule. They also need to remain hydrated and may take short, hourly breaks instead of one longer break mid move. Your removalists are humans, not machines.

    3) It’s Melbourne aka “It was cold this morning but then it got really hot and now it’s raining oh wait no that’s hail”

    No matter what Melbourne weather throws at you on your moving day, your removalists have seen it (and moved in it) before. Talk to them about the best approach, precautions that should be taken and what they would recommend. Bring up concerns at the start or as the weather changes so that everyone is clear on what’s happening and how plans may change.

    Don’t let Melbourne weather keep you from your new home! All you have to do is hire professional removalists- we know what we’re doing!

    What Size Removal Truck Should I Book?

    One of the most common questions our booking team is asked is:

    What size truck should I book?

    Generally, if you’re moving a smaller place, such as a studio or one bedroom apartment, we recommend booking our 3 tonne truck.

    For larger moves, such as houses of two or more bedrooms, we recommend booking our 8 or 12 tonne truck.

    You can find full details of our removal trucks’ dimensions and other helpful booking hints {here}.

    Still unsure? We always say when in doubt it’s best to book the larger truck. Keep in mind that here at Move On Removals we only charge you for the time we’re out on your job. It’s often works out far cheaper for you to book the larger truck and only do one trip battling Melbourne’s traffic than risk having to do two trips.

    As for single item moves – simple, right? In most cases, because it’s only a single piece of furniture our 3 tonne truck has ample space. However, we have witnessed instances where customers have moved very bulky or tall items, such as wardrobes, and the height or width of the 3 tonne truck is insufficient. If moving a particularly bulky or tall item, please double check {our truck dimensions} before booking.

    At Move On Removals we’re all about providing Melbourne with a cheap, efficient and friendly furniture removal service so if you have further questions about what size truck would best suit your move, please call our booking consultants on 03 9636 3299 and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

    Contact Info:::

    284 A Ingles St Port Melbourne,
    VIC 3207


    Each of our Big moves are project assessed 'To make the bigger moves simpler'


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