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10 Top Tips For A Stress-free Move

Stress-free Home Move

Moving a house means opening the doors to a world of thrilling new experiences, but it is not as easy as it appears. The entire activity can be quite stressful if you don’t plan each move.

We’ve got you covered if you’re planning to move out of your house and start your new life in a new place or town.

This blog will discuss some tips and tricks that will be very useful if you want to relocate without any stress.

So following are ten tips that, according to us, will surely help you with a stress-free move.

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Create a Map of the Proceedings

This is the initial and foremost step. Take a writing notebook and plan your process. Jot down each step and think of stuff you should do as soon as possible.

For example, if you have rented something from your neighbours, the first thing to do is return it.

So, create a timeline for each event. It may seem like a submerging task to write down everything, and it’s quite possible to miss a few, but when you try to remember things, the notebook will make it much easier for you.

Contact Utility Services

Utility services are essential, either at your old or new place. As soon as you plan to relocate, call all your service providers, such as electricity, heat, water company, cable, and internet connections, and tell them that you plan to move out on this date so they can terminate your connection the very day.

This will benefit you so you will not have to pay extra for utilities you no longer need. You may also transfer your cable and internet connections to the new place.

Create a Task List for Each Room

It may seem a little tiresome to go to each room and make a checklist. But this will prove very beneficial on the day of moving.

Before you start packing your stuff into crates and boxes, collect all the stuff in one room at a place so that when you move into your new place, you will easily recall which stuff should be put where. After listing every room’s stuff, it’s an indicator to start packing.

Begin the Packing Process ASAP

To avoid fatigue in the 11th hour, starting the process as soon as possible is advisable. The reason is that it is the most overwhelming task out of the whole process.

There are many things to remember, such as packaging and handling of fragile items, which stuff to pack earlier, and many things like these.

It can put quite some pressure on the person moving. Therefore, we suggest you begin wrapping and packing as early as possible.

One room at a time

Yes, you heard it right. The famous one step at a time” also implies this in this case. We recommend you not burden yourself by going through every room repeatedly to pack your luggage. Instead, start your packing from one room.

Put your stuff into boxes and then label which room they belong to. This way, you can efficiently manage all your rooms and won’t forget any item. So, it’s like one thing with two benefits. You can get help from movers and packers Melbourne.

Tags on Everything

This step is going to make your life easy. Get a good label maker because this will save up much of your time.

Label each box of your luggage, whether it belongs to the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or living room.

For additional convenience, you can use colour-coded boxes for individual rooms. When you unload your stuff, you’ll know exactly which box goes into which room. Doing this will save you from the extra effort of opening each box and then taking it into the respective room.

Inform your Close Friends and Family

Amidst all the hustle of moving and packing, please notify your parents and close friends about your relocation. Your parents should be aware of your new address. So they can reach out to you instantly in case of any haphazard.

You may also ask your friends to help you pack your stuff or bring you food the day you move, as you’d be very busy loading and unloading.

Make a Pouch of Cleaning Items.

The cleaning staff is essential; you will need them on the day of your relocation. You may need to clean up your new place or maybe put away a little dust you found in the corners.

So, a cleaning kit should be kept aside from the luggage and easily accessible on moving days.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

These people are going to make the process very smooth. It is advisable to hire professional moving services Melbourne
to load all your stuff for the moving day and drop it at your new house.

Many fragile items require extra care even if you think you have very little stuff and can easily be shifted via your car. So, hiring house movers Melbourne for the move is recommended.

Take Some Rest

Many people forget about their self-care in the whole grind of relocating. It is a tiring process, and you need your energy for the big day as there will be a lot of unloading and unpacking.

It would be best to take your entire night’s sleep the night before moving. And a good breakfast is advised the following day. After that, you’re all good for the move.

Mentioned above are some of the top tips we think are mandatory. These will help you with stress-free relocation. If you follow these, you’ll be ahead of each task, and nothing will burden you.

Happy shifting!

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