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How to Safely Move with Plants?

Moving home checklist

Packing and moving can be tough if you are moving with some sensitive belongings, such as plants. Several plants are sensitive to light and temperature fluctuations. Most of them can’t tolerate these fluctuations. To address this issue, you will get the assistance of best removalists Melbourne.
With the right planning and strategy, it is possible to bring your large plants while moving. For this reason, you have to prepare your plant almost one week before moving.  Feel free to consult professional plant movers if you do not have an action plan. You have to prune dead leaves, eliminating the soil and stems of weeds of pests. Here are some tips that will help you to move plants.

Start with a Strategy
It is challenging to transport plants in your car without any strategy. Unlike packing supplies and lampshades, you can’t toss them in your car before leaving your home. Start your work by taking inventory of plants.
Based on the car type, you may have some restrictions to carry different belongings along. You can’t move tall indoor or outdoor plants because they are unable to travel. In this situation, house packing service Melbourne may lend a helping hand. You have to consult plant removalists to figure out what plants are suitable to carry along.

Check Laws of Your State
For an interstate relocation, you can’t ignore restrictions on the type of plants you can carry. You have to check pest control and plant ban regulations. Some states strictly prohibit the movement of dangerous plants to protect their citrus and potatoes. Make sure to check these restrictions to avoid possible issues.

New Home for Your Plants
It is not good to leave plants unattended behind to die and wither. You can check with your friends or family members who can give a new home to your plants. Moreover, a local nursing home, community garden or hospital may help you to find a new home for your plants.

Prepare Your Plants for Relocation
With Local Movers Melbourne, you can prepare your plants for relocation. Maintain the health of your plant before moving them. Water your home sufficiently for relocation and feed them as necessary. Trim off dead branches and leaves. It will help you to offer the maximum energy to move to the right place.

Collect Your Supplies
Boxes may help you to transport plants in a vehicle to prevent dirt spilling. Small plants are easy to box together, but you have to choose separate boxes for medium and large plants. Carefully fix the base of the plant in the box. You can get the right supplies from professional plant movers.
Along with boxes, you will need an additional paper or packing peanuts to fill in the gaps around every pot. If you want to pack several small plants in a box, you can put padding between them. They should not knock into each other.

Load them in the Last
Remember, your plants must be the last item to pack in your vehicle. They must have access to sunlight; therefore, avoid packing them in a trunk. Avoid stacking up anything on the top of plants. Keep them upright to avoid the fear of tipping over. During summer days, move plants on the day of moving.
You have to be mindful during transportation. Remember, you can’t forget the plants thoroughly. Keep an eye on your plants to make essential adjustments. If you want to stay while moving, take plants inside for their protection. To protect your plants, understand their sunlight preferences.

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