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Preparing Your Home For Your Removalists



Proper planning is the first step to any successful move. While there are many unforeseen circumstances that could derail a move, the better you plan, the less likely they are to occur. Preparing for your Hawthorn moving company to come do the job begins with the booking process. During booking, the removals company will ask you for information regarding inventory and access so they can get an idea of how the job will run. Providing accurate information on these topics is the first way you will help to prepare them for your move.

The night before your removalists are scheduled to arrive, your focus should be on preparations to make their job go as smoothly as possible. Like all eastern suburbs removals companies, your removalists will be able to do the job more quickly when you are ready and prepared.  The day before your move, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

Is your fridge turned off and the food removed?

Your fridge should not be turned on again for 24 hours after it is set back up in your new home. Sometimes people think they can leave the food in their fridge or freezer during the move. Odds are this will just result in a melted, spoiled mess. Unless you have arranged to store the food somewhere, throw it out. Do not assume this is something the removalists will take care of.

Are your boxes packed and closed?

You don’t want to be running around packing while your Hawthorn removalists are trying to take your things out to the truck. Not only will this put you in a panic, but it will add time and therefore cost to your move. Make sure you are packed by the time they get to you and close all the boxes so they can be taken out to the truck and stacked right away.

If you don’t want it to get dirty, is your carpet covered?

The removalists can’t take off their shoes when they’re on a job due to WHS requirements. If you have carpeting you want to keep clean, cover it with blankets or tarps to keep it protected.

Have you dismantled your furniture?

If you have furniture you will be dismantling yourself, do it the day before, rather than during the move to save time. If you want your removalists to dismantle the furniture, tell your Hawthorn moving company ahead of time so that they can plan out the time it will add to the move.

Do you have your keys/wallet/purse?

Set vital items such as your keys, wallet and purse aside somewhere safe where they won’t be accidentally packed by anyone or misplaced. These items are essential for your move and losing them can completely derail your otherwise perfectly planned day!


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