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Furniture Removals: Ideas to Safely Move Furniture

If you want to move furniture from your house, it is essential to work with a plan to avoid wear and tear. You have to understand that even a small piece of furniture can be cumbersome for you to move. This procedure needs your special attention, planning, and care. Your carelessness can affect your health, so it will be better to work with professional furniture removals eastern suburbs.

You may plan to call some friends to move your furniture from one place to another. Keep it in mind that that this work can be risky without professional and trained movers. Unplanned move without professionals can damage your walls, floors, furniture, and back.

People often avoid professionals to save money, but they are increasing their expenditure. You have to arrange moving trucks, dollies, and other moving equipment. It will increase your moving cost. On the other hand, professional movers like Move on Removals can be a cheaper option.

Moving heavy furniture needs a systematic approach and expertise. Move on Removals has the necessary equipment and experts to move your furniture from one place to another safely. Here are some handy tips that can help you in the furniture removals procedure.

Recognize Your Furniture

Before you start working, you have to recognize different pieces of furniture. You have to categorize furniture based on their unusual features, size, and weight. It will help you to plan your relocation and decrease the risk of health problems. Here is a list of heavy furniture:

  • Vintage sofas and armchairs
  • Chaise lounges
  • Antique sofas and Victorian armchairs
  • Marble or stone table tops
  • Chairs and sofas stuffed with horsehair
  • Hardwood units
  • Table bases of wrought iron
  • Cabinets with glass door
  • Tables with glass top
  • Hardwood beds
  • Four-poster beds

If you are working with furniture removals eastern suburbs, there is no need to worry about damage. Professionals always take extra steps for the protection of valuable furniture. We use plastic covering and other items to avoid damage and scratches.

Locate Entry and Exit Points

Before you start moving your furniture, you have to determine exit and entry points of your house. Sometimes, you have to disassemble heavy and large items. Move On Removals start working before the final moving day. We measure the size of furniture and map ideal entry and exit points for each piece.

You can make this work easy for your moving company by providing the necessary details. If you have manuals to disassemble and assemble heavy and large furniture, you should give these manuals to furniture removals eastern suburbs.

Choose the Best Removalist

If you want to choose the best furniture removals, you can shortlist them based on these features:

  • Storage
  • Consultation services
  • Vehicle support
  • Pet transport
  • Interstate moving facilities
  • Unpacking and packing
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning services

Move on Removals Melbourne can be a trustable removalists company because we are offering versatile services. With our experienced team members, we can shift your furniture without scratches or damage. You can decrease the chances of unforeseen challenges by discussing any peculiarities of your belongings with professionals.


The relocation of house or office is very stressful and time consuming especially when it involves furniture. Shifting the furniture to new location is very difficult. People face problem in relocating furniture due to its weight, size, damage and transportation problem. The weight of furniture is normally very heavy and normal people cannot take it and bear the weight of furniture to shift it from one place to another. Some times the size of the furniture is also big like double bed, dining table, conference table, sofas or any such thing. So, it also remains a big problem that how such huge size of furniture will be taken down stairs or taken up stairs as the passage will be very small as compared to the size of furniture. People also don’t know how to pack their delicate and expensive furniture in order to avoid it from being getting damage as no one will be happy to destroy their expensive furniture.

Moreover, people cannot take furniture in their own cars due to its huge size and it they get services from simple transporters there will be more chances of being getting damage as they will not be able to take good care of furniture during transporting it and they will not be specialized in transporting the furniture. So, the best way to make the relocation of furniture quick and without damage is to get services of the furniture removalist. They are specialized in their work and some of them provide complete range of the services required like packing, transportation, storage, unpacking and cleaning. But care must be taken that they should be reliable and provide complete range of services on reasonable prices and services should be delivered on time. People normally take services from the local removal companies.

The best removalist in Melbourne is Move on Removals. There is full time support available from the company and customers can call them any time to get on the sport quotation. We provide the complete range of services. We also provide the packing material and use to pack the furniture on the old location and unpack that on the new location. We have specialized trucks of different sizes, ranging from 2 tons to 12 tons in weight capacity and use to deliver the furniture with care and safety. On the new site once the furniture is unpacked by them they also provides the cleaning services. Moreover, the customers feel the peace of mind as they are fully insured by the public liability and transit insurance. We have local expert staff that is trained properly to carry out their duties in an efficient manner. The service quality rating based upon our previous services is also very good and the previous customers have shown great satisfaction from the quality of our services, our professionalism, reliability and efficiency. We do not use to outsource at any point and have our own complete team to carry out the full range of services. Moreover, we are fully aware of the Melbourne.

Cheap Removalist Port Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is a city of tall buildings and it’s very difficult to relocate house or office in Melbourne without hiring the services of the professional removalist. People relocate their homes to minimize the cost of living or to enjoy better standards of living or for any other reason. While the management of the businesses relocate their offices because of different reasons which may include the growth of the business, to motivate their staff or to move in better location to enhance their business or brand image. But there are different costs associated with relocation including packing material and packing cost, delivery cost, cost of handling, unpacking and cleaning cost and may also some time include the cost of insurance and cost of the damages which may happen during the relocation. To relocate with less cost and reduce all the cost mention and to elemental the cost of the damages there is need to hire professional movers who know better how to handle the relocation.

There are a lot of different removals available in market to serve their customers in best possible way and provides a range of services but every customer needs a complete range of services for their relocation with the minimum cost and reliability on the professional experts to carry out the duty of their relocation without damaging any of their stuff. Sometimes it is not possible to get the quality services at low cost but in Melbourne it is possible to relocate at low cost by getting the services of the Move on Removals. Move on Removals have already served more than 1300 customers and have got very good feedback from their customers and enjoying five star reviews. Getting their services is very simple and the customers will need to just call them or put them an email for getting the quotation and once the customer hires them the customer gets free from any type of tension associated with the relocation as at first they will bring the packing material themselves which will be of good quality and safe to prevent the items from being getting damaged. Then they will pack all the materials in efficient manner and then their experts will load the material to the trucks which are available with them in different sizes and then will transport the items to the new location.

On the new location the items will be unloaded carefully, unpacked by the team of Move on Removals and then will be cleaned. The cost of getting services from the Move On Removals remain low because their pricing is based upon simple hourly rate plus the fuel charges and it makes it the most cheapest removal company in whole Melbourne. But even with the low prices the customers still enjoy all the quality services as they have their own team of the local experts who are well aware of their work and Melbourne also. They work with full reliability and they are insured with the public liability and transit insurance. So, in Melbourne it is not possible to get such a complete range of services with quality at such affordable prices which Move on Removals is offering is anywhere else.

Local Removalists in Melbourne

With great knowledge of market and experience of over 6000 plus houses we are too much familiar with all location in Melbourne, so wherever you would be telling us to move your goods we will give you elite services over there. We are based in Port Melbourne, so no job is out of our reach. We operate throughout all of Victoria, and are experienced in house and office removals.

  • High class knowledge and successful previous records about movement in Melbourne, you can move with us anywhere in Melbourne without any worries
  • Highly trained , successful and professionally leading team will assist you
  • Team is fully devoted, responsible and punctual. Our furniture removalists are trained in-house, and can help you more than an ordinary removalist. Our removalists can also help before the move, with your packing, wrapping and unpacking needs, to ensure it is efficient and stress-free.
  • Team consist of removalists from local areas so that they could give you with the best services
  • Extensive range of boxes would be made available for your items
  • Your valuables and goods would be fixed in our specially designed boxes and containers
  • provide you with advance system of packing and wrapping, with high quality packing material and boxes
  • We will provide you totally customised services that would be satisfying to you.
  • We will adjust your furniture safely in our containers to keep it safe throughout your move locally in Melbourne and suburbs.


Our storage facility is unique, secure and affordable; if you do not have enough storage in your new location and you are stressful and worried about your household or office equipments, you can store your items in our storage facility. Move on Removals have been moving homes for around a decade and understand that all of House removalists Melbourne clients have different requirements.

  • We will provide you warehouse storage facility to keep your items in secure place
  • Our warehouses are designed in such modern way that your furniture or other item would never be damaged with mild and dust etc
  • We will provide you dry and well lit area which is the perfect solution for short or long term storage of your items.
  • Our warehouses are completely insured so don’t be worried about risk of damage or fire etc
  • You could be able to access your assets during hours


“Since 2012, MOVE ON REMOVALS has relocated and provided its loyal and happy customers with the very best in Packing, Moving and Storage services as well as the most competitive fully insured, GST inclusive rates and second to none customer service.

Offering a range of truck sizes and packing materials, flexibility and door to door rates, MOVE ON REMOVALS is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your moving needs, and proudly maintains a strong arsenal of proficiently trained drivers, wrappers and movers with many years of experience to their names.

Whether you’re moving furniture, fragile glassware or valuable artwork, there is nothing our team cannot handle with care.

We NEVER pay contract workers or outsource our labour to anyone.

Our moving team is carefully hired, rigorously trained on site, regularly tested and monitored to ensure MOVE ON REMOVALS provides its customers the smoothest, most efficient and unforgettable transition to their new home, apartment house, office or temporary storage space under our roof (located in the heart of Melbourne).

Our company fleet is aptly maintained, regularly cleaned and always arrives at YOUR door on time to begin with your move.”

House moving to a new home is a strenuous task, and not one for the faint-hearted! Often require full weekend to pack your belongings. We at Move On Removals offer you a complete 360 service from Packaging supplies, packing, moving & storing. Perhaps the biggest consideration, and one can make or break your decision, your new home or office has to be affordable. But the key thing to remember here is you are not trying to find a bargain. Its also important to recognise when it is right time to move, as you want to avoid growing pains Associated with outgrowing your home, yet staying put.

We at Move On Removals have created a short checklist to choosing a reputable moving company. With more than 10,000+ happy customers entrusting us with their house moving needs. We at Move On Removals understand exactly what it takes to move a house without any hassle.

House moving needs comprehensive removals requirements;

– Comprehensive house removals Insurance
– Packing & unpacking valet services

Please free to call our moving services to obtain moving checklist.

Do you really want to wake up one morning, rub the sleep out of your eyes and spend your DAY OFF haphazardly wrapping and packing your precious goods into an ill prepared truck en route to its bumpy destination?

How about taking 5 days sick leave because you pulled your back trying to lift your granny’s precious oak arm chair into the back of the worn and weather beaten ute you never drove?

Are you prepared to battle the elements on the roads and risk more than just damaging your heavy, poorly placed and tied down inventory?

MOVE ON REMOVALS understands your doubts and anxieties…we move people all day and EVERY DAY! How often DO YOU move?

Our gentleman are specially trained to handle ALL of your delicate, precious, sentimental valuables, belongings and heirlooms to ensure your Point ‘A’ MOVES ON to Point ‘B’ in the most stress free, smooth transition to your new abode, office space or temporary storage facility where it may be.

And for piece of mind, your move is completely INSURED, includes GST, packed, wrapped and MOVED ON by the VERY BEST professionals in the industry – all carefully trained and monitored by MOVE ON REMOVALS for YOUR SATISFACTION!

Please free to call our moving services to obtain moving checklist.

Professional Movers and Packers in Melbourne

We all love our homes and love improving them as much as we can but sometimes they just fail to provide what we need from a home and we have to think about moving. Your home may be a small apartment and you are planning to start a family; you may have been offered a great new promotion in another town or city (lucky you) too far away from your current place to commute. You may need to move to be near a good school for your children or you may simply be in the fortunate position of being able to buy a bigger, better house.

Being professional movers and packers organization in Melbourne, apart from quick removals we also specialize in packing services which holds a great importance to your move as each of your individual items or belongings can be packed, wrapped and put in a box in a more organized and sequenced way, which does not only help you to identify them, but also saves you time from finding every little thing while you are setting and arranging your new home in Melbourne . It also gives us an opportunity to protect the expensive and important things which may hold a special meaning for you and your family.
Whatever you reason for moving we love to talk about anything related to moving house and we are known as quick removals in Melbourne. From choosing new furniture, accessories, fabrics, colors and finishes to new plants for the garden. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about a new home which will help you get through the stressful house buying process, packing up our things and then unpacking everything again at the other end. So why not contact us for the quick removals anywhere in Melbourne.
Move On removals wrap everything! It’s part of our company policy and our insurance policy that quick removals wrap all of your items. Sometimes customers ask us not to wrap items because they think it adds time to their move. It takes a matter of seconds for our quick removals to professionally wrap your items so they will stay safe and insured. If we don’t wrap it we can’t insure it and you will save way more money paying for 30 seconds of wrapping than paying to replace your antique furniture.
Certain valuable items like artwork and pianos require removalists with specific expertise and equipment. When moving these types of items, it’s often worth spending the money to do it right. When you book with us we can recommend quick removals we’ve worked with before.

House Removals in Melbourne

When you are heading to a new home in Melbourne, there is a lot to consider. After all, there is a reason why moving houses are said to be one of the most stressful time in a person’s life or for an entire family. It is therefore important to choose a house removalist in Melbourne that you can trust and ensure that you do not have to worry about your belongings from being damaged. At Move on Removals, our experienced home removalists have the necessary know-how and equipment to ensure your next move smooth and stress-free. We are a one stop destination for all your moving needs as we provide services like on-site assessment, pack and wrap services, removals, packing supplies like boxes, wrappers, tapes, etc. Continue reading House Removals in Melbourne

Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Moving house is a chaotic process. Packing up everything you own in an organized and thorough manner is difficult for even the most experienced furniture removalists. Using a furniture removalists service can help you make sure your stuff is packed correctly and organized to be moved, however your most important items are often the ones that are forgotten because they’re the items you set aside to manage yourself.

Storage solutions are incredibly popular throughout the Melbourne because there are so many benefits! Whether you’re moving into a new home or you are redecorating your space and you need somewhere to put all your furniture, storage could be just what you need.

Buying your new house in Melbourne isn’t the only cost you need to plan and save for. There are a million other little things you have to remember to work in to your moving budget. A common mistake people make is to plan for the cost of their new home and then get blindsided when little things like the cost of building inspections, internet connection and eastern suburbs removals team start adding up. You can think about these costs as being in three phases: buying your home, moving into your home and setting up your new home.

Move On removals provides premium moving services for private individuals and their families and for businesses, large and small. With many years of experience in managing moves, we have the expertise to safely pack, move, store and unpack for those moving home or workplace across town or to another part of the country. For overseas moves to or from any worldwide destination, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage your move, including Customs clearance if required. Move On Removals will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation – all you have to do is to give us a call to move your house or office.

Move On Removals exceptional furniture removalists experience will make your next move easy. We are one stop shop that delivers you a best moving experience when moving into your new house or office. We plan every move with meticulous attention to detail. Every transition – between homes, cities, countries and continents is handled by our professionally furniture removalists trained staff, dedicated office teams and uniquely experienced packing and moving crews, working with industry-leading tailored systems and technologies.

We offer a range of professional packing and unpacking options, in which you should be able to find one that suits both your needs and your budget.  Make sure your move is as smooth, stress and hassle-free as possible by taking advantage of comprehensive packing and moving services in Melbourne.

Best Removalist Melbourne

With a complete hand from Move On Removals, moving your premises is not tough or a challenge anymore. Whether it’s an office relocation or a House moving in Melbourne, all you need is to contact our removalists Melbourne at 03 9636 3299.

Just let us know what services you need from packing, moving and cleaning; our expert House moving team will ensure that you are well taken care.

When it’s time to move your place, our expert House Removalists will arrive on the exact time of booking to pack and move. We even do end of lease cleaning and unpack your new home.

We at Move On Removals discuss all aspects of your house removal needs, this will include our packaging services and moving insurance(s). With years of experience, we can discuss how to avoid all the pros and cons that moving within a CBD can bring up on your house moving day such as parking permits etc. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation – all you have to do is to give us a call to move your house or office.

Move On Removals exceptional furniture removalists experience will make your next move easy. We are one stop shop that delivers you a best moving experience when moving into your new house or office.

We at Move On Removals our values has not changed in years, we value commitment, honesty and integrity. We have been offering local, interstate removals for homes and offices across Melbourne. We also offer safe, secure and affordable solutions for short term and long-term storage.

Packing For Your Move


To pack, or not to pack, that is the question.

So you’re moving soon and you start looking through your stuff, trying to make a packing plan. As you try to make some sort of sense out of it, you realise you’re coming up with more questions than answers: Will this fit in a box? Do I bubble wrap it? How many boxes will I need? What’s a port-a-robe? Why are these boxes at Bunnings so expensive?

Our best advice when any moving confusion arises: Call us. We have all the answers!

You have two options for packing your home, do it yourself or have us do it through our Pack & Wrap service. Even if you choose to do it yourself, we can provide heaps of advice on how to go about it. Here are a few pointers to get you started

Packaging: The first step to packing is to get the right supplies. Move On Removals offers a number of recommended packages, and we can deliver! Be sure to buy plenty of bubble wrap, the more the better. It’s the easiest way to protect your items!

Color coding: We have an easy trick for making sure all your items end up in the right rooms. Print or draw a floor plan of your new place. Assign a color to each room, and place stickers with the corresponding colors on each box or item that goes to that room. Then, on the day of your move, tape the floorplan to the front door so the removalist will know where to put everything and you won’t have to wander around trying to find things!

Boxes: Fill all the boxes as much as you can. Wrap fragile items and try to balance heavy and light weight items in each box so you can make the most of the space. More boxes means more trips for the removalists to take to and from the truck which makes your move take longer. When a box is full, close it up so it’s ready to be moved and stacked.

Remember, you always have the option to let us pack for you if you don’t have the time, are unsure how to pack your items safely, or just don’t feel like doing it because we all know packing is the worst.

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