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How to Move Antique Furniture?

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Antique furniture is always more expensive and beautiful than regular pieces of furniture. Most of the times, you have special feelings and memories associated with this furniture. Antique furniture is treated as the heirloom of a family. This type of furniture withstands the altering fashion, social norms, changing tastes and style.

It is transferred from one generation to another, so it becomes a treasurable keepsake of sad moments and happy times. For this reason, the safety of antique furniture is essential for every generation. If you have antique furniture and planning a residential relocation, you have to do something special for the safety of your antique furniture. It is your responsibility to transfer it to a new place without scratches or dents. You may think How to Move Antique Furniture – Movers in Melbourne.

A simple answer to this question is professional movers in Melbourne. They know how to protect your antique furniture from bumps, scratches, and damages. Here are some ideas that can make your work easy:

Prepare Your Antique Furniture

Relocating a house without professional movers will be a risky job. You have to do several things, so share your liability with professional people. These people can safely move vulnerable, valuable and delicate items like antiques. By paying a small fee to professional movers Melbourne, you can save treasure of your family.

Prepare Inventory of Antique Furniture

Before starting your moving procedure, you can prepare a list of antique furniture and precious possessions. It will help you to keep track of your family treasure. Visit each room and write about the location and name of each antique item or vintage piece. You can write important information with the name of furniture, such as original purpose, value, craftsman, manufacturing, etc.

You have to describe the current condition of the antique furniture clearly. It will be good to take photographs of furniture from all angles and sides to have substantial evidence of their actual condition. An inventory and pictures will help you to claim your moving company after potential damage during relocation.

Appraisal of Antique Furniture

You can get your precious furniture appraised to verify its value. Find an authorized and trustworthy appraiser of antique furniture to assess the real value of your antique belongings. It is essential to ensure your antique furniture in transit. Discuss this option with your moving company and insurance agent to choose an appropriate plan.

Pack Furniture for Shipping

To pack your antique furniture, you have to disassemble its detachable elements, such as glass panels, legs, shelves, doors, and drawers. Pack these items separately with care. Put each small hardware (handles, nuts, screws, etc.) in a plastic bag with seal and attach these bags to the body of the main furniture. You can also pack these bags in a small box with other components of furniture.

You have to lock doors and fix all lose parts of your furniture. A plastic wrap can help you to keep all pieces of furniture in one place. It is essential to arrange three layers of protection to transport your antique furniture. Professional movers Melbourne can provide this triple layer protection: shock protection, outer protection, and surface protection.

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