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5 Things to Throw Out Before You Move

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Clutter accumulates in any living space. We throw mail in a pile on the counter, we keep our old torn up shoes in the back of our closet and every top drawer, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or the nightstand contains a wide range of random items we swear we might one day use.

We don’t actually want this clutter – its really just organised mess—but still we find it hard to throw away. A move to a new home is the perfect opportunity to throw away the clutter in our lives and start fresh. You’ll feel lighter and so will your moving boxes!


Here are a few things we suggest throwing away as you’re packing:

1.The entire contents of that top drawer. Put the spare change in your wallet and throw out that junk mail. Unless you’re a scrapbook enthusiast, you don’t need to save those plane tickets or those movie stubs or that birthday card mum gave you in 2012. We hold on to these things for sentimental value, but at the end of the day they just sit in a drawer. Besides, it’s time to make new memories!

2.Old, broken, destroyed clothes & accessories. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, if it’s torn or if it’s missing its pair, throw it out. You already got new shoes to replace the old ones and honestly, when will you ever wear just the one earring?

3.Electronics & cables. Still holding on to that pink Razr flip phone? Any phone pre-iPhone 4 probably won’t get used again. We’re used to our technology and even if you do break your current phone and your old phone its very unlikely you’ll be willing to settle for the old old phone. While you’re at it you can also get rid of all those random, unidentified wires and cables.

4.Worn or stained linens, towels & rugs. Moving house is a great time to get fresh linens. All of these items won’t necessarily match your new place anyway. Plus, its just good to replace these for hygiene reasons as they get a lot of use. Particularly white linens get stained and dirty no matter how clean you keep them.

5.Mismatched Tupperware. When you pack your kitchen take the time to make sure each container still has a lid. No lid? Don’t pack it. You can also get rid of those bent takeaway containers and anything that’s been stained a weird colour.

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