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How Can You Move House During Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Move House During Coronavirus

Moving house during coronavirus will become easy in the upcoming months because the government has introduced new regulations. You can hire professional movers Melbourne because we have a team to manage everything.

You can move home and manage other activities, but take care of yourself. Here are some quick points to note:

  • Take help of house association, letting agents or estate agents to find a suitable home
  • Carefully select a residential property to rent or buy
  • Prepare your property before moving in
  • Move your home with care while following all SOPs
  • With our movers and packers Melbourne, you can safely move your house. To avoid transmission of coronavirus, see these precautions:
  • Maintain a physical distance of almost 2 meters from individuals wherever possible
  • Regularly wash your hands for almost 20 seconds with warm water and soap
  • Do not touch your face
  • Disinfect and clean every surface that you and your family can touch

If you are suspecting symptoms of coronavirus, you have to stop working and self-isolate. It is important for you and your family. The procedure of moving to a new home is completely different. People involved in the moving process should adapt to procedures and practices to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Nowadays, online procedures are becoming popular. You can get the advantage of virtual viewings viewing. Make sure to follow government advice on hand washing, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing. Before physically visiting a property, it will be good to prefer virtual viewings.

Moving Company Works According to SOPs

To move a house, try to do packing without external help. Make sure to follow standard cleaning products to clean belongings before others are involved in handling them. We have a team of professional movers Melbourne have adjusted typical procedures to ensure safe relocation.

If you want to take our services, make sure to contact us as soon as possible before your moving day. Before inviting us to your home, it is important to keep internal doors open to decrease the chances of contact with the operators. Social distancing is important for public health.

Make sure to wash your hands with a hand sanitizer and do not touch surfaces to decrease the transmission risk of coronavirus. Instead of providing refreshments, you have to provide hand washing facilities, such as paper towels and soaps. Avoid sharing towels because it can increase the risk of virus transmission.

If anyone in your family is self-isolating or shielding, he/she should not participate in relocation activities. They have to maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe. We are adhered with the guidance of the government for relocation and use protective equipment.

Our removals are instructed to decrease contact with family members and homeowners. They have to wash their hands after entering your property using paper towels. These towels must be disposed of safely. Remember, our professional movers are trained to work according to standard operating procedures.

For your safety, we will start working with a virtual tour of your house. You will get an online estimate for relocation as per your needs.

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