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    What Size Removal Truck Should I Book?

    One of the most common questions our booking team is asked is:

    What size truck should I book?

    Generally, if you’re moving a smaller place, such as a studio or one bedroom apartment, we recommend booking our 3 tonne truck.

    For larger moves, such as houses of two or more bedrooms, we recommend booking our 8 or 12 tonne truck.

    You can find full details of our removal trucks’ dimensions and other helpful booking hints {here}.

    Still unsure? We always say when in doubt it’s best to book the larger truck. Keep in mind that here at Move On Removals we only charge you for the time we’re out on your job. It’s often works out far cheaper for you to book the larger truck and only do one trip battling Melbourne’s traffic than risk having to do two trips.

    As for single item moves – simple, right? In most cases, because it’s only a single piece of furniture our 3 tonne truck has ample space. However, we have witnessed instances where customers have moved very bulky or tall items, such as wardrobes, and the height or width of the 3 tonne truck is insufficient. If moving a particularly bulky or tall item, please double check {our truck dimensions} before booking.

    At Move On Removals we’re all about providing Melbourne with a cheap, efficient and friendly furniture removal service so if you have further questions about what size truck would best suit your move, please call our booking consultants on 03 9636 3299 and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


    The furniture removals market in Melbourne is flooded with removal companies all vying for your business.
    So, when you’re presented with so much choice, how do you go about choosing the right removal company for your move?
    Here at Move On Removals, we believe you should consider the following points when deciding who will help you move.

    • Convenience – Moving house can be a very stressful time, so you want to make sure to choose a removal company that aims to reduce as much of the stress as possible. Are their contact details prominently displayed and easy to find? Do they have booking consultants that are able to answer all your questions when it’s most convenient for you, such as weekends and outside of business hours on weekdays? Are their booking consultants able to offer advice about how to keep costs down? Once the booking has been made, do they send you confirmation to give you peace of mind that the booking is confirmed and complete?
    • Reliable – Here at Move On Removals, we’ve taken on numerous last-minute removal jobs all over Melbourne when customers have been stranded because the company they booked simply didn’t show up. We recommend choosing a company with a well-established and easy-to-navigate website that clearly shows telephone contact details should any problems arise. Pay particular attention to pictures of the removal trucks and, of course, testimonials from previous satisfied customers.
    • Insurance – This is a big point to consider. No one wants their items damage and no furniture removalist wants to damage any items. But it’s always possible that an accident can happen so to safeguard your belongings, make sure the removal company you choose has comprehensive insurance.
    • Cost – Everyone loves a bargain! Here at Move On Removals, we like to display all our costs upfront on our website. This makes it easy for you to compare our rates with other removal companies throughout Melbourne. Pay attention to add-on fees, such as night-time rates and charges for stairs. One fee to keep an eye on, in particular, is depot charges – this is the cost the removal company will add on to get to your place from their depot. We’ve received a lot of feedback that depot fees can sometimes be confusing and difficult to calculate, which is why we don’t charge depot fees. Instead, we charge a small fuel fee, based on how many kilometres your new and old houses are from Melbourne’s CBD. We’re planning a future post that will explore depot and fuel charges in greater detail. But, in the meantime, check out our {prices} page, or give us a call on 03 9041 5424 and our friendly booking team will be more than happy to explain it to you.
    • Flexibility – Traditionally, people liked to move house on Saturday or Sunday. We understand, however, that our customers lead busy lives. You might be a shift-worker, you might have small children and can only find someone to watch them on a Tuesday, you might work full-time traditional hours and want to move on a weeknight once you’ve finished work. These are all reasons to ensure that the removal company you choose has flexible hours and can work around your schedule, not the other way around!

    If you have a question or wish to discuss any of these points further, please give our booking consultants a call on

    03 96 36 299.

    RBA Claims It’s Better To Rent Than Buy

    It’s the perennial property debate – will you be financially better off buying a house rather than renting one?

    In a recently released report, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) says that Melbourne tenants have the upper hand financially; at least for now.

    The study Is Housing Overvalued? argues that costs applicable only to homeowners, such as land rates, purchase price and interest rates, makes renting the more financially sound option.

    In order for buyers to catch up to renters, house prices would need to rise by almost 2.5% per annum. The RBA says recent figures indicate that house prices are forecast to either slow or decline over the coming few years, meaning that in the short-term at least, renters will continue to be better off.

    The study’s authors, however, were quick to point out that the report only applies to owner-occupiers, and that property investors usually find themselves in a better place financially due to tax breaks.

    You can read the full report here:http://www.rba.gov.au/publications/rdp/2014/2014-06.html

    How Can I Speed Up My Move And Save Money?

    In the two years that we’ve been helping move Melbourne households, we’ve observed lots of little tips and tricks that you can make the most of on moving day to ensure a speedy and cheap move.

    • Organisation is key. If you’re boxing your smaller belongings yourself, try to organise it prior to our removalists rocking up so as soon as we get there we’re good to go. If you’d like to use our Pack ‘n’ Wrap ‘n’ Unwrap service, our team can come out and have everything organised either the day of your move or prior to it.
    • It can be tricky but, if at all possible, schedule your move for a day and time where Melbourne traffic is most quiet. We find the quieter times are mid-morning to mid-afternoon early in the week, and on Sundays.

    Help out. At Move On Removals, we’re more than happy for you and your friends and family to help us load and unload our removal trucks. The more help, the quicker the items will be loaded and on their way to their new destination, meaning the less you’ll pay.

    Can I Move My Smaller Belongings Myself In My Car?

    You’re more than welcome to box your smaller items on the day of your move and then transport them to your new home yourself.

    However, we’ve helped move thousands of households and we’ve noticed that often it’s the littlest items that cause the most stress on moving day. The fragile items, like glassware, ornaments and photo frames. And the small items that are easily misplaced, like cutlery and keepsakes.

    Our Pack ‘n’ Wrap ‘n’ Unwrap service allows you to sit back and relax, as our professional and experienced removalists take care of packing these delicate items for you.

    We’ll use bubblewrap, gladwrap and other tools to ensure your items have the smoothest move from your old house to your new house. And they’ll be packed by experienced removalists who know exactly what order your fragile items should be placed in to ensure maximum safety.

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